Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zoo Day

We took a trip to the zoo in our desperate attempt to fit everything into one small trip : ) We saw animals and pretty plants and marine mammals and fish. Mom and the kids took a camel ride (Not an approved activity for me). The kids played on the toys in the kids zone. It was fun. The end.

I have about 4 different pictures of Ezra in this shark's mouth starting at 9 months and going up to this year at 3.5.

Crocosimia (you'll have to check my spelling on that one)--one of my very favorite flowers.

That night I went to the airport and picked up some guy who claims to be the husband and father of our family. He hardly recognized us. We are now enjoying our time with him here. Thus, I'm not writing much. I'm sure you can fill in all the blanks! Go Dawgs!

P.S. My pirating skills are not up to par for this day and age. I can't seem to get the Mutton Bustin' video from my friend's facebook account to my blog. But we did post a link to it on our facebook account. So, if you want to see it and you are not already our facebook "friend" our name is Tadd.BrookeGiesbrecht.

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Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Reading about all the fun you are having makes me worried that you won't want to come back.....sigh! But I surely can see why. You did a whole lot of fun while there!