Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mama's Joys

 My favorite Mother's Day gifts--the ones who make me a Mother!
They took me out for a waterfront brunch (crab cake eggs benedict--yum!), gave me hugs and love, made cards and gifts and reminded me why being a Mom is my most favorite thing.
Below is the poem that Ezra wrote for me in his class.  His teacher printed them on fancy paper and had them laminated so that we can save them forever.  Talk about special!

I Remember My Mother's Hands....
By Ezra

Because they help me get up when I fall down or get hurt
Because they read stories to me
Because they tuck me into bed and sing songs to me
Because they helped me learn to ride my bike
Because they hold me when I am sick
Because they make me delicious food
Because they get me a blanket when I am cold
Because they hold my hand when I am scared
Because they give me medicine when I am sick
Because they hug me to tell me that she loves me

Oh boy, I sure do love them!  AND--I finally started taking some pictures again and will try my best to post some....