Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ferry Ride and Mariner's Game

Yep, two posts in one day. Here I am just relaxing away today and I'm thinking that I should write up these posts while I'm not running around unpacking, buying groceries, cleaning and taking the kids to the dentist. Because, like it or not, in 1.5 days, I go home and the above mentioned tasks will be my priorities. With so much left to post about--now is the time!
Tomorrow marks seven years of marriage for Tadd and I. Rather than some fancy dinner we decided it would be fun to take the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle, have some clam chowder on the waterfront and then head to a Mariner's game. The Yankees are in town this weekend, making it even more fun. The kids and Mom and Dad came along. And Misser Anny and Miss Jennie met us there. So, while not a quiet and romantic evening, we still greatly enjoyed ourselves. The weather was just perfect for a ferry ride. We arrived early for the 4:15 sailing time, so while I waited in the car with a sleeping Ezra, the others walked up to Starbucks to get drink treats for the ride.

Miss Kine sipped away at her (MY!) passion tea lemonade. The ferry was quite crowded so we headed out to the back deck where the wind is much calmer and sat down to bask in the sun and enjoy the scenery. Both the Olympics and Rainier were showing off and pretty soon the Seattle skyline appeared.

It was very bright : )

After clam chowder and fish and chips at Ivar's, we walked to the game. Oh--for you locals, I'm sure you've heard that they found the old Ivar's billboard underwater in the bay. Guess what? They are honoring what it advertised. That means that kids under 12 eat free (normally the kid's meals are $4.99+). Also, a cup of chowder is only seventy five cents!
I am not taking time to edit (not that I ever do) so you'll have to zoom in on your own to see my very favorite baseball player of all time--Ken Griffey Jr. at bat. I was so excited that he came home! Yes, he may not be quite as dazzling to watch as we was back in the day, but he unites the team behind the scenes.
"Boooooooo A-Rod!"
A sleepy little girl rests with Daddy as the 9th inning opens. The Mariner's were down 2-1. They managed to keep the score the same during the top half of the inning. First batter up in the bottom--strike out. Second batter up--strike out (we're at the bottom of the order, in case you can't tell). Next batter they bring in Sweeny as a pinch hitter. He swings inches short of a home run. But the ball is not caught and he makes it to second. Okay, we're still alive. The previous night the game went 14 innings before Ichiro batted in a runner to win the game. We don't want a repeat of 14 innings. Neither do we want to watch our boys go down to the Yankees on strike outs. Who is up next? Ahhh...back to the beginning of the order--it's Ichiro. And he's ticked. His last up he got a single and then was picked off in a close call at first. First swing--he smashes it into the center field stands. He and Sweeny score. Game over. Tears from Yankees fans in front of us. Lots of cheering from the crowd. We chose a good game! Whoo hoo!
We won! And it's loud!
Those are the pitchers walking off the field from the bull pen. See that pink back pack? All the rookies are required by the older pitchers to wear the pink back pack walking to and from the bullpen all season. That's a "rally cap" blocking the view on the right side.
And there is Ichiro coming in to score at home plate with the team gathered around to jump on him. Thanks for making our night complete, Ichiro!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, I totally forgot that but I am sure I knew it haha. I like the pic of C with the Starbucks cup ;) Yep, I wore my Ichiro 51 shirt to the Fair last night and am glad they won for you yesterday!! :) GREAT blue sky wow, awesome we have been sooo spoiled here since... oh.... the beg. of May ;)!!!! ~Cathy

Mandy said...

Wow, it looks like you guys a trip full of fun! Isn't Washington beautiful?!?!?