Thursday, March 10, 2011

(Never)Plain and (Never) Simple Life

We've been trucking along here with nothing too terribly exciting going on. Something sad has happened and that is that we've kissed good bye forever the simplicity of being at home with our kids all the time. Caroline now has ballet and Ezra is beginning soccer and t-ball within the next week. Yikes, huh? We knew this day would come. We are torn between excitement to see them blossom. Excitement to see them love these activities they've been waiting and waiting to take part in. And sadness that babyhood is over for two of our little ones. We have to start cutting those apron ties bit by bit from here on out. Sniff, sniff.

The below photo is out of focus and Ezra is picking his nose (sorry) but it shows how Nora is now perpetual motion. She is fully walking and wants to do everything her way right away. She is an instant replay of Ezra only in the girl flavor. In this photo Tadd is playing the guitar, Ezra is on the key board and Nora is the back up singer/dancer.

This is their stage coach. They are "Con and Maggie". Anyone else watch the Five Mile Creek series?

Nora discovered the washing machine one day. If only it could hold her interest for more than two minutes.
She does love to climb into these kids chairs and sit there looking pleased with herself and feeling quite grown up. Yes, she does have a black eye. It actually looks a lot worse now than it does in these photos. She took a head first dive out of her high chair about a week and a half ago. She didn't cry much at all (because she was nearly passed out) and got real lethargic. While I was waiting for the doctor's office to open again from their lunch break (weekends and lunch hour are the ONLY times kids get sick or have accidents) she started vomiting violently. So, we stopped waiting and loaded into the van to head for the ER. I wasn't gonna mess around with a head injury. They did a CT and determined she didn't have any brain bleeds. Probably a concussion. Praise the Lord, Tadd jumped into a company vehicle and met us at the hospital, because I had to hold Nora down to get the scan and someone had to stay and watch the other kids in the exam room. They let us go home and we had to wake her up every two hours to make sure she was still okay. And you guessed it, she slept for longer than two hours for her nap that day--and for more than two hours in a row that night. It's pretty hard to wake up a baby who never sleeps. Better safe than sorry, though.
About a month and a half ago, Ezra was thrilled to discover that he had his first loose tooth. He wiggled it with his tongue and played with it with his fingers, but nothing as aggressive as yanking it or twisting it. Then last week I heard him shout "Awesome" and he came running to me with the tooth in his fingers.

We've arrived at the awkward photo years. Cheesy smiles, missing teeth, too big for the face adult teeth growing in...
So, this is Ezra's impression of how Daddy starts his mornings--reading his Bible under a cozy blanket. The sunglasses are supposed to be reading glasses.
And that's about it. Now I need to rush off to finish cleaning the bathrooms while Perpetual Motion is gaining back her energy (aka: napping).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walla Walla

A couple of weeks ago we got word that Tadd's dear Grandpa Froese had gone Home to be with the Lord. Another death. We had been planning to leave for his house for a visit just one week after he died. We still went to Walla Walla, but it was to say good bye rather than hello. Tadd and I were quite sad but Ezra said "Mom, we'll see him again in Heaven, remember?" It's really no wonder God wants us to all become as children.
We were able to see many relatives we haven't seen in quite a while in Walla Walla. Grandma's house was filled with beautiful flowers sent from loving friends and family.
And Grandpa's funeral was a real testament to his work for the Lord over the years.
His children wanted to emphasize that we are celebrating his entering into the peace of Heaven. Yes, we are sad to say good bye--but we KNOW it is only for a time. That brings peace.

Below is a poem that Tadd wrote about his Grandpa and read at the funeral.


A soft chuckle, the first hint of what was to come

To those familiar, we knew we were in for some fun

We hoped for occasion, and were glad when one was sent

Another moment to be enjoyed, to the fullest extent

The joy, the mirth – neither could be contained

The response real, nothing he did was feigned

Who enjoyed it most is what we would muse

Grandpa, or those who his amusement viewed?

We knew the progression well and sat back to behold

This dear man we loved so much, about to fold

When the moment hit, twinkling eyes more brightly shone

The classic sign that something, had reached his funny bone

Remaining composure would then betray him

Laughing eyes squeezed tight and thin

A lost cause now, they sprung a leak

Here come the tears, rolling down his cheek

With face red and air in short supply

He’d produce the waterworks and make us cry

Next up, the infamous eye glasses removal

Tears were flowing now, there was no reprisal

From the pocket, a handkerchief produced with a sigh

Its purpose in life – the flood waters to dry

Such was the routine each time, it was like habit

One time remembered well, had to do with a jack rabbit

Visits from Grandparents were always enjoyed and cherished

When from fair land of Walla Walla they could be relinquished

That Idaho winter was bitter cold and the rabbits scarce

Many rounds of 0.22 fire, yielded not many a carcass

As we all hugged and said our goodbyes

A lone jack rabbit in the alley caught our eye

It hopped a bit and then to a halt it came

Turning back to gloat, in our lack of aim

Now this scene to Grandpa, it was quite funny

All those rounds of shells, and now here this bunny

Such rich moments as this were not passed by

Each properly captured, with tears from Grandpa’s eye

His laugh and his life, it seems they aligned

Not loud or obtrusive, but heartfelt and genuine

A quiet, humble man of God was he

A Grandpa to cherish, a man who like to be

Teddy and Caroline picked up right where they left off. Mostly friends--but Caroline still loves to annoy Teddy. I think she thinks he is her brother.
The above was my favorite of the flowers that arrived at Grandma's house. The below are two of my very favorite boys. So different and yet so alike.

Tadd playing Grandpa's guitar.
One afternoon we bundled up all the kids against the frigid air and walked one block over to the park. It felt good to get out into the sunshine and let the kids run and yell.
The whole time we were in Walla Walla Caroline was referred to as one of the "boys". Someone would say "the boys are down in the basement making a mess" and we'd know that they meant Ezra, Teddy and Caroline.
Oh boy do I miss my Ella girl!

Don't know whether these pictures make me happy or sad.

Nora loved getting to spend time at the park with Aunt Heather. And Mommy's arms and back were quite thankful for the break!
My Grandpa with my kids. We stayed at his house the whole time we were in Walla Walla.
He was a gracious and patient host. He is probably still working at putting all his stuff back where it belongs. It all got moved to higher and safer ground so that Miss Rip Up and Shred couldn't destroy it.
Here are a few extra pictures I felt like tossing in. These are for you, Auntie Avy since you felt you got cheated out of kid-pics in the post about the hutch : )
Ezra loves to create with his Lincoln Logs. We got them for him for his first birthday. Back then he chewed on them. Now he can make a pretty mean fort complete with porch, fence and cowboys.

Nora's apron made by Miss Jennie the amazing seamstress. Miss Jennie is mama to one handsome little cowpoke!

Left over pictures from Valentine's day. Plastic lips from Grandma.