Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Things

Okay I admit that it's two headings with a few other little things embedded.1.) Last night I went to Target...wait for it...alone! I don't do much alone. But in the past week I've been alone two times. Once on my way to and from a bridal shower I helped to throw last Saturday night. That was a ton of fun. I even got to dress up and make yummy food and gab with other gals for a good five hours (thanks Tadd, Dad and Mom!). And then again last night while I ran to Target. That's not "the thing" though. The "thing" is that while I was getting into the super long line two women shopping together were walking towards me. A young child darted in front of one of them and she exclaimed "I swear the next kid that runs out in front of me...." Her friend kindly supplied "stick your foot out and send them flying". I must say that if someone sent my kid flying, I'd more than likely be a little upset. But I did find that funny. I was very glad I was alone--because I'm pretty certain that one of my little helpers would have been the next kid to dart out in front of her. The said woman ended up in line right in front of me. Her shopping list included a sports bra and kitty litter. It's Target--ya never know what will end up in a cart together. But the funny part is that the cashier chatted away while ringing up the kitty litter and sports bra and as she handed her the receipt she said "Enjoy!" I almost laughed out loud. BTW, she told me to "enjoy" as well : ) I had no kitty litter and no sports bra in my cart.

2.) When Caroline comes into our room in the middle of the night after having a bad dream (which is about 5 nights out of 7) she always walks right up to my ear and whispers "Excuse me, Mommy?" And even though I am usually very annoyed because I generally have Nora in my arms, or else I just put Nora down after having had her in my arms and I really, really, really don't want to get up with another child....I have to laugh. Because such politeness in the dark of the night is just too funny.
The above bowls and bracelets were gifts picked out for me by my kiddos. I will always love wearing that bracelet and thinking about them choosing it : )
I know Easter is over...but I wanted to show the cake plate that my lovely husband chose for me...cute, eh?
I do love tea....
And now we are off for Moscow, ID for yet another family member to graduate from the University of Idaho. I-D-A-H-O, Idaho, Idaho, go, Go, GO! And go Uncle Brettskis! Congratulations on completing your education!