Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ezra's Prayer, The Inevitable & Cute Little Pals

Ezra likes to give thanks for all of our meals around here...and at company's houses if given the opportunity. And by opportunity, I mean a slight pause by the man of the house after he says "Let's pray". He started out with short sweet prayers that somehow have turned into some pretty lengthy epistles these days. Yesterday morning at breakfast part of his prayer went something like this:
"...And Lord Jesus, help for this Baby we're working on. Help mommy to eat lots and lots of food so it will grow and grow and grow...really fast!
Greeeeaaaat : ) "Help us" tends to mean "thank you for" as well as the actual meaning of help. A dual purpose word.

As for the inevitable. Last night while praying before bed with Ezra I opened my eyes and saw a furry little shadow scuttle across his floor. Yep, a mouse. How can we live next to a potato field and surrounded by about 4 acres of freshly mown pasture grass and not expect mice? Expecting them is not be confused with welcoming them. I did a lot of whisper screaming at my dear husband, who was finally roused after about 12 rounds of my yelling for him. Long and gory story hour later (at midnight) we had done away with the little creature. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't graceful...but it also wasn't messy and we won--not him! Tadd came home with lots of traps today. We need to put a stop to the inevitable

And the Cute Little Pals, well, I don't really even need to comment on these pictures. I took these at Monday Night Volleyball. Miss Beth has the green thumb to beat all green thumbs and I've been dying to get some pictures of the kids in her flowers. Only Caroline and her friend L would cooperate, so I had fun taking some shots of them. Ezra, Ella and Teddy gave me one silly moment at the end and that's the most I could coax from them.


Adkins Family said...

I'm sorry you had to join the club of (small) furry animals in your house, ew! And darling pictures of the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a ham that Ezra is still :) Probably more so now ;) The pics of the girls are beautiful!! That Lexi is one cute girl!!!(besides Caroline :)) ~Cathy

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Pretty flowers and prettier girls!!