Monday, September 28, 2009

So many posts and so much to do this week! I have two big boxes of peaches waiting to be canned. And then this morning the kids and I went to the local orchard and bought 80# in apples. We picked a box and a half of honey crisp and bought a box of already picked saucing apples. The honey crisp will keep in the basement and we'll use them just for eating as is through December. But the saucing apples obviously will take a little work : ) So between that and trying to get the last of the garden in before the freezing weather hits on Wednesday PLUS our ultrasound on Thursday(no, we don't plan to find out what we're having...I know, I know you are all sick of surprises, but we still love it) and Tadd being gone on a business trip for a couple days, time is at a premium. Eek! At least the time passes quickly this way and I do love to feel busy and productive. The kids have been helpful by playing together nicely and un-helpful by fighting. They balance themselves out most days.
These are the last of the pictures from our trip. Saturday morning Grandpa fixed us a big breakfast. The kids helped him make the pancakes. Well, really all they did was eat half of the first batch as fast as he could get it off the griddle. This is not my favorite picture, because Grandpa is not shown. But, since he still had bed-head, I thought I'd spare him.

The neighbors up the road from my parents have a kid who built this mini-bike track in his front yard. He told Ezra he could come ride whenever he wants to. Ezra begged to go up the road to the track multiple times a day after finding this gem. He'd ride around and around and around until forced to go home. And he loved to have an audience.

Saturday evening my Aunt Jenny, her daughter Kelsey and Kelsey's husband Roderick came to visit. Roderick is home on a two week R&R from Iraq. Ezra instantly decided he loved them and they HAD to see him ride the track. So, before they went home they were kind enough to go watch him for a few minutes. Tadd had fun taking pictures of the kids on the track and in the woods.

They may live in Idaho now--but they are still Seattlite tree huggers at heart!

As you can see, Aunt Megan, we're already putting that coat you gave her to good use. We get stopped by people all the time to receive compliments. I've even been asked if I made it. I think I'm going to start saying yes from now on ; )

Our last two evenings the kids played in a tent Grandpa set up for them in the living room. I like to call this picture "Death by Ice Cream". Too bad I'm more likely to die this way than Tadd. His motto is "Everything in moderation". Pretty much the opposite of mine : )
And this awful picture is simply to prove that I am alive and I did go on the trip even though I'm never in any pictures.
We sure had a wonderful trip. Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma and Heffay for putting up with us for so long. And for all the food and beds and the messes that we left for you to clean up. We managed to fit an awful lot in. Sorry to all the folks I said I was hoping to see and then never got a chance to visit. Next time!
Be on the look out for posts about fall and harvest from here on out...


Adkins Family said...

I love Caroline's coat (did Aunt Megan make it?)! And I'm glad to see you are still getting use out of that dress and sweater, me too! ;)

And to respond to your comment: I have bacon on my grocery list, yum!

gourmetgirl said...

I love your little tree huggers ;) and it was great to see you...even if we didn't get to chat much.

NaomiG said...

Oh. My. Goodness. C's coat is ADORABLE!! :-) And, that bike track looks like way too much fun.

Megan Miller said...

If Brooke can say she made it so can I!! ;) Have fun with all your busy-ness.

Anonymous said...

uh yeah...can I have a coat like that?! Cuteness!! brrr it's in the 50's here alll the sudden, time to change my wardrobe, find some cute coats!! hard getting my mind in gear this time majorly...

Amy said...

I agree ~ darling coat! Looks like you had a great time back home. Love all those big trees near the bike track (Yes, I AM a tree hugger at heart!)

Hope your week goes well and that you accomplish all you want to do. Do you have a Sqeeze-O for your apple sauce making? It makes it SO much easier! Happy canning!