Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Pictures

 You want to talk about old...this is going clear back to beginning of  November.  We had my dear friend, Aura from Aura May Photography take some family shots for us.  It was a gorgeous sunny day in the midst of a lot of rainy days--praise the Lord!  Aura brought her husband along as her assistant.   He carries her camera gear (as she is expecting their first baby) and hams it up to make the kids laugh.  Nora cried and cried and refused to smile in a single picture.  Ugh!  Part of the problem was that all three kids were sick--this was the beginning of our 4 months of sickness.  But even with all her pouting we got some good shots of the family.

 We had grand visions of pictures of the three kids together, of action shots...

 And then Nora stopped pouting and started bawling.
 These two performed like gold.
 I'm always surprised by just how photogenic he is.
 We wanted pictures of Daddy and Son, Mommy and Daughters, etc.  But the above is as far as we got on that one.

We ended up with some shots to print for our walls--which is what we really wanted.  And to use for our Christmas cards.  So, in the end, it all worked out.  We had a beautiful day, and a fun session with a great photographer.  And because Nora made things to difficult, we gave up the picture taking and let the kids play on the toys at the park.  And then Aura and I got to have a longer opportunity to chat.  She is due to have her baby boy in just 2 months.  Safe to say he will  be well documented with a photographer for a Mother.  And with a pediatrician for a Father, he'll be well diagnosed also--but not always diagnosed "well" : )  Thanks, Aura!  If you live in the greater Tacoma/Seattle area and need someone to take photos, I highly recommend checking out Aura May Photography.