Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Rest of Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed Sunday and Monday at Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily's house as well. After meeting on Sunday we went out to PF Chang's for lunch.
This might seem like an odd photo to some. But, you see that space between the two couches? That's where Uncle Jacob tried to sit down while holding Ezra, hehe. It made a loud thump and gave us all a really big laugh. He shrugged off the fact that I'd blog about it and said "no one reads her blog anyway". So, to all you "no ones" just imagine how funny it was!
This horse that freaked the kids out almost exactly a year ago is now their friend : )

Caroline was wiped out, but wanted to put her sunglasses on before she would give in to sleep.
That evening we all went about our various activities around the apartment. Uncle Brett and Uncle Jeff had homework...Brett gave Jeff some helping hints with his calculus.
Aunt Emily bought some games for the kids and they enjoyed playing "Go Fish". I promise that they did enjoy it--Ezra was just confused about a card in this photo.

The ladies slaved away in the kitchen making all sorts of treats. Mom was making vanilla caramels and cinnamon hard candy (a special request from Jake). We worked on a cake for a belated birthday party for Uncle Brett, and Emily filled in the blanks with yummy fruit and vegetables.

Those pineapple drinks were delish!

A very genuine smile, as you can tell.
His wish was that the party noise makers would disappear--the wish did NOT come true.
They nearly passed out they were blowing so hard.
Yummy candy!

And a traditional wrestling match to end the evening. I'm just glad that they don't use me as their wrestling dummy anymore.