Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We arrived at Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily's after a safe and uneventful (well, ya know, full of events because I was alone with a two year old and three year old, but nothing catastrophic) trip. Praise the Lord! I was happy to have the travel-part over with. Saturday morning we all got up and had a delicious breakfast from Aunt Emily and then piled in the car to go out in the boat on Lake CDA.
We got our launch fee paid, got the boat backed up so that most of it was in the water and most of the truck was not in the water, unloaded our stuff, counted life jackets, loaded kids into the boat and turned the key. Nothing. Again. Nothing. What????? My dad and Brett have been in the process of fixing this boat for about 3 years now. They got it fixed a couple weeks ago and took it out on the Sound and all was well. Now we have it loaded with 7 "adults" and 2 kids and nothing???? Poor dad! We think it's the battery.
All ready to go--and no power.
Oh no! It won't start!
So, not to be trumped, Dad goes and takes the battery out of his pick up where it's parked (he had no jumper cables, yes we know that would have been easier) puts it in the boat and away we motor at last. Whoo hoo! Here's to not giving up!

Ezra and Caroline had a blast. They road up front and reveled in the wind and spray on their faces.

He's single, ladies.
Caroline drove and yelled at me over and over again while pointing emphatically "I'm gonna get YOU all wet!!!" And she did.

We had fun looking at some beautiful and large houses along the edge of the lake. And we avoided the Sheriff since we were a little (a lot) overloaded.

After we got out we headed downtown CDA for lunch/supper and shop browsing.

This is a pretty typical picture of our family. The water boy offered to use my camera to take a shot and then took it as soon as the camera was in his hands--no warning.
Again, he's single. But the one below is not : ) That's why he allows his nephew to sit on his neck.
CDA is a darling little town with tons of fun shops. But we avoided dropping too much cash on anything other than ice cream and fudge at a candy shop. What a fun day!


Amy said...

Hooray for your dad! Glad you got to get out on the lake. I agree, CDA is a wonderful little town and we always love stopping in for a visit and walk around the marina. Did you make it in the candy store? That's Harry's favorite spot!

Adkins Family said...

A beautiful spot for boating, even if you're just sitting in it! I only missed you guys by about a month. We'll have to coordinate our visits next time. :)

NaomiG said...

A fun family day would not be complete without a little drama... so glad your dad worked it out, sounds like a wonderful day... I hope we can get up to CDA next summer... can't believe this one's close to gone already... glad you guys are having fun!

Megan Miller said...

Took me a while but I'm thinking CDA is Coeur d'Alene, right? For a moment I thought someone had gone off and literally name their town CDA. Where ever you were, looks like you had a barrel of fun. You are one brave chica making that trip on your own.

Glenda said...

Yeahhh for Terry!! Looks like a lot of fun and I love how you advertise your single brother - whatever works right!! ;)

Rose said...

Hey that looks like a nice place to live...hehe ;)!! Looks like we might be going up there to do some fixes to the house next month. Too bad our kiddos couldn't meet back up to finish their tumbling match...(I'm feeding Savanna extra spinach! I think she could take Ezra this time :)!!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

What a fun post...I am wishing I was along...that is for the shopping and eating. I love CDA! So fun to know you are doing - keep the posts coming.