Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Henry is One!

 Our sweet baby is officially a toddler.  He's not a tiny, precious little baby any longer.  Well, he's still a baby and I suppose he was never truly tiny.  But, you understand the sentiment.  AND--this year for Labor Day weekend I did not have to go through labor!!!!  Praise the Lord!  Instead we spent time with family and had a birthday party.  Much more fun.  And a lot less painful.
Cooking for a summertime birthday is so fun.

 Henry doesn't like to eat a lot of foods--but chicken is one thing he has enjoyed--so we grilled some chicken for his birthday party.  Watermelon is also on his list of faves and lucky for him, August is a great month for watermelon.
 Mostly he ate watermelon.  And even though Henry can't enjoy summery drinks like iced tea, lemonade and limeade, the girls and I had a blast setting up a cute drink station.  The girls love to juice citrus fruit, which saves me from that time consuming job.

 His cousin Ollie came over to help him celebrate.  Oliver just had his 1st birthday back in April, so he was able to fill Henry in on how it would go down. 
 They might look nothing alike--but I think they are already forming a friendship. 
 Ollie brought his parents with him.  It took them about 65 hours to get here in that little red car.

 Caroline and Ezra had both purchased Henry gifts with their own funds and were very eager for him to open them. 
 Henry ate a lot of wrapping paper.  That was his favorite part of opening gifts.  He might not like food--but boy does he love to eat paper, rocks, pieces of bark and little toys.

 Grandpa and Grandma Idaho sent a dump truck for Henry to use in the sandbox that Mommy and Daddy are supposed to be building as his gift from us.

 Grandpa and Grandma Tractor got Henry a new jersey for the season. 

 In case there was any question how old he was turning.
 As per typical he burst into tears while we all stood around and sang to him.
 He was able to pull it together and stare in bewilderment while listening to the cacophony around him.  And apparently Tadd thinks I should remain headless in all photos.
 Finally!  He got to dig into his cake.  I found myself wondering why I had used so much food coloring on that frosting!

 I think he made a better mess than any of our others did on their first birthdays.  That high chair has seen a few birthday celebrations. 
We had Henry's one year appointment today and other than another ear infection, he's healthy . He ended his first year at 25 pounds and 32 inches.  He has 8 teeth and is working very hard on his first set of molars as we speak.  He started walking about a month ago--one to two months earlier than his older siblings.  He jabbers a lot--but no real words other than "boo!" and an occasional "bonk" while he bonks his forehead into one of us.  He has semi-curly strawberry blond hair just like Ezra did at this age.  He is precious.  And he is loved.  So very loved.

Scenery From Idaho

 Southeastern Idaho sure does put on a purdy show in the summa time.  All that golden wheat blazing out beauty in the sunshine!
 Rolling hills, green potato and beet tops....even the wheel lines contribute.
 Heather's property is full of gorgeous scenery as well--white sheds, flowers, fences--she's got it all.

 I see you, Kitty Kitty!  I think that this is Sparkle (correct me if I'm wrong, Ella) sneaking through my shots.

 I was going to leave the scenery shots "kid free", but these two best-friend-cousins fit so well in the pictures.

 When I told Nora to lean over and kiss Levi's cheek he got up and was off like a shot.  None of that yucky girl stuff for him!
 This old tractor might not have gps or air conditioning--but it sure is prettier to look at than the newer ones.
Idaho really does have a beauty all its own.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Southeastern Idaho

 After we wrapped up our fun week in Tamarack, Idaho we headed back to the Promised Land.  With so many of us these days it's a little crowded for all of the out-of-towners to stay at Grandpa and Grandma's so our family stayed at Uncle Alan's.  Aunt Heather is a wonderful hostess and I had a lot of fun staying with her.  Grandma and Aunt Heather took turns cooking for us--we did not suffer from hunger. 
 There was a fun art session out in the yard as Ella finished up a water color piece she was making for her dadda.  Uncle Alan and Caroline share a birthday and Aunt Heather made a special birthday dinner for the two of them on the actual day.

 So fun to see these girl cousins develop relationships.  They are girly and tom-boyish all at the same time.  I can't believe how much Ella and Jill have come to look alike.  I got them confused several times.

 I wanted to take Miss Mia home with me--but her Mama would've missed her too much.
 Sweet Teddy let Ezra borrow his dirt bike and four wheelers a lot while we were there.  Thanks, Teddy.  You are a very generous boy!

 Teddy also acted as chauffeur for Uncle Tadd, Nora and Henry.

 Lucas's attempt at a photo bomb.  It's a little harder to do after reconstructive knee surgery : ) 
 Uncle Tadd sold his old bike and bought a new one on our vacation.

 I must say that I really enjoyed being around these two puppies.  Wrangler is the golden and Sprocket is the Californian Labradoodle.  They were both so well behaved and calm--unless they were wrestling with each other, of course.  Nora has always been petrified of dogs.  In the past her fear has included these two dogs.  But after spending a week in Tamarack with them and another week at Aunt Heather's she forgot to be afraid and even says she now likes dogs.  I'm not sure that liking extends beyond Wrangler and Sprocket, but we'll take it one step at a time.
 Levi was anxious to show the others how to grind wheat with a rock.  Unfortunately, the wheat just wasn't ripe enough and it didn't work out.

 Daddy and son had a few chances to go our for some rides together and enjoy what they both love--wide open spaces, ripe wheat fields, blue skies, fresh air, motorized vehicles and the smell of dirt bike exhaust.

There are many, many things we all miss about living around these parts--not the least of all the people--it was nice to enjoy some time there this summer!