Monday, September 14, 2009

Around the Harbor

Yes, they are under an umbrella--but they are hiding from the sun--NOT the rain!

I'm starting to feel a little bit like the Chatty Housewife with all these boating posts : ) Just kidding, Chatty--I LOVE all your boating posts, especially when I'm landlocked in Idaho! So, Saturday it was a gorgeous September day in the greater Seattle area. I know that Seattle always has the reputation of rain, but sometimes the sun is out. And this summer the sun was here a lot, I hear. September is often the best month of the year. We decided to hop in the pick up and take the boat and some yummy snacks and head down to the boat launch. We put in not far from Mom and Dad's house and headed out to enjoy the day. We cruised around for 4 hours basking in sunshine and floating on water that looked like glass between tides. We saw lots of harbor seals (no pictures, I didn't bring the zoom lens) and LOTS of other boaters. I also took a bazillion pictures of very cool waterfront houses.

The above home is the one I'd like, please?
This is B & S's beach house. I used to babysit their curly haired urchins who are now all grown up.
We boated by so many places that hold strong memories for me and my family--I saw the homes of many high school friends and some current meeting friends. I saw the Amazing Grace Bed and Breakfast owned by a friends' parents. We went by the shore (pictured above) where Tadd got down on one knee at sunset and proposed : ) We passed the dock where Jacob asked Emily to be his wife. We cruised by the island where our wedding took place (but we didn't actually go into Echo Bay, so no pictures). Even better than seeing all the sights was drinking in the smell of salt. About five minutes into the voyage I drank in my first taste and felt home flood over me. I miss the smell of salt in the air--we didn't have that in Snoqualmie and we certainly don't have it in Idaho.

The Mountain was out in all her glory. Because it has rained so little lately the Olympics were too smoggy to get a decent picture. There are many nights at sunset when I love them even more than The Mountain, I have to say.
Ezra napped for two hours on the boat. Caroline lay down beside him and chilled for a while. She mostly sat beside me and took in the sights.
After a couple hours of cruising we headed into the Harbor.

And we found Uncle Heffay who decided to join us after watching University of Washington beat University of Idaho. Yep, that's correct, I said that UW won a football game! Locker's back, Baby.
This guy made a descent right over our heads...

And landed.

Going back out of the Harbor and into the Narrows meant it was time to bundle up--the air is significantly colder out in the open water.
Mountain and my favorite boy. Once he woke up he had so much fun. He especially loved it when Grandpa drove fast over waves and made the boat catch air. He rode up front with Grandma and was laughing so hard I don't think he took a breath the whole time.
A few pictures of this piece of engineering. This is the first time I've been under the bridge since the second one was constructed.

Once we got back into Wollochet Bay area Caroline decided she wanted to take a ride on the tube. Uncle Heff kindly offered to take her. You have to know that the water is 54 degrees year round to understand just how kind that was of him.
What? I'm not cold, I'm not cold, I'm not cold!

You go girl!
Ezra stayed in the boat and decided to be the flag waver.
After boating in salt water, of course, clean up is required. Ezra and Caroline helped Grandpa with that job while Grandma and I worked on wild caught Coho with fresh corn on the cob. Yummy!

What a day!


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Sounds like you are squeezing out every particle of fun you can...and I am glad for you. BUT, don't forget to come back!!! I miss you guys. Loved all the pictures. I sort of feel like I am taking a mini vacation along with you!

Megan Miller said...

Looks like SO much fun! Going back a bit- I love that Ezra did mutton-bustin. Gotta get that video! Miss you folks!

Anonymous said...

Oh yess, forgot to tell you, that day we went out in all these exact places with Brent M. on his boat, they showed me where you got married, we went right past it :) I totallllly agree with you, some days that sunset over those Olympics is more breathtaking than looking at "The Mountain" :D ~Cath

gourmetgirl said...

So fun...Sounds like you are making the most of your time here. I'm glad the weather is good for you. I have to agree on the Olympics: The Mountain is breathtaking but I'd love a house with a view of the Olympics and the Sound. P.S. Go Huskies! :)

The Chatty Housewife said...

Isn't it just awesome out in the salty air? I just love it. :)