Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday in San Diego

The kids loved all of Mia's baby paraphernalia that was scattered around the house. The swing was especially an attraction. I hope that your toys haven't been forever altered, Mia!

Tuesday morning was foggy and cloudy, but we acted on faith and headed for the beach. Sure enough, the sun came out and we enjoyed ourselves immensely! It was a little windy, but by lying still on a blanket you got the full warmth of the sun and couldn't even feel the wind. Lucas brought his fishing pole along since he wasn't able to show us how well he surfs. We watched a man "surf-fishing" in the waves right out in front of us. He would run pell mell into the surf with his pole and cast. We even saw him catch something. The sport looked a little cold and dangerous for me.
Ezra warming up after running around in the surf and going through the spin cycle once or twice.

Bathing beauty. She went swimming as well.

Once she fell asleep on me, I was obligated to lay there quietly and soak up some rays : )
Lucas with his splint--he got his cast that afternoon.

She still thinks sand is the yummiest treat this earth has to offer.

Aunt Megan so kindly spent many evenings reading the kids bedtime stories.
Wednesday was spent close to home. The little kids played with sidewalk chalk while Lucas was busy at school. Writing on the sidewalk was not quite daring enough for them--so they chalked up Lucas's skateboard (along with many other surfaces). He didn't really appreciate the custom decor.

This series of pictures is for Elaine-y. She brought both of these boys their Brasil shirts last spring. I love all of the facial expressions caught in these photos.

And here is Lucas's new cast. He chose red. And he requested some flames to be drawn on it. His dad and mom and Uncle Tadd did a lot of searching the internet for the perfect template and practiced drawing before the flames were actually applied to the cast. It turned out very nice, er, "sick" Aunt Megan : )

From flames to flowers. Precious Mia borrowing Caroline's headband. I think she needs one of her own!

Well behaved kids waiting patiently for some ice cream!

Baby Mia was so patient with all the kids wanting to hold her all the time.
Jill is such a good big sister. She spent a lot of time singing and talking to Mia to keep her happy.

And there is nothing quite like the love of a big brother!


The Chatty Housewife said...

What a ton of fun! I love that photo of C with the sandy mouth, adorable!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Stories with pictures - I love it. Keep it coming!

NaomiG said...

What fun! Looks like a blast, love the sandy mouth. So gross, Debris does that too.