Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Evenings

We sure do enjoy our summer evenings here in Idaho. Unlike some climates, evenings cool off bringing welcome respite from the heat of the day. If you can spray on a thick layer of bug repellent you can even go out and enjoy the lovely evening. Last week our landlord got his riding lawn mower fixed and had it brought over for us. Tadd says he feels like his summer has been given back to him.

The kids love taking rides on it. With those levers for turning rather than a steering wheel, I think that I'll be waiting until no one is around to even attempt mowing. Tadd mastered the art pretty quickly.
Nothing like time with Daddy.

Ezra always manages to find the biggest stick on the property. Thankfully this one was more like a bamboo reed and hollow and not as dangerous as the clubs he was bringing out of the pine grove last night at volleyball at Neil and Beth's house.
Everything gets a mellow feel as the sun begins to sink.
One of my favorite herbs. We enjoyed some lavender lemonade with dinner last night. Yum!
My piddly little garden is limping along.

Haha, she got quite comfortable.

We don't have as good of a view of the sunset as we do of the sunrise, but I tried my best to capture some of the colors. This particular evening the sunset was quite brilliant. The normally mellow oranges and yellows were fire red from the clouds.
Lord willing, tomorrow we will be headed out to Morning Star camp for a couple of nights. I'm not sure I'll get a chance to blog about it anytime soon because the very next day the kids and I will be leaving for Lassen Pines. Time for some summer time fun!


NaomiG said...

What perfect summer pictures. :-) Esp. love the one of C with Tadd on the mower. Adorable.

I must have the recipe for this lavender lemonade... my lavender is growing like crazy, and I was just thinking last night that I need recipes to use it with.

Mandy said...

Can't wait to see you at Lassen!!!!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I liked the post...glad Idaho seems to be growing one you!!! Wish the bugs weren't so bad at your place...but you do have the water to look at!! And the sunset was lovely. Have fun in Lassen!

robyn said...

That mower looks like fun. We had a zero turn radius one like that, it was a blast. We mowed the lawn quite often ;) And, I'm sure your will be enjoying the fruits and vegetables of your garden labors later this summer/fall!