Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Diego Zoo Take Two

After watching the polar bears hiding in their caves, the kids wanted to do some cave exploration themselves.
They, like the animals, enjoyed running from the cameras...and were very good at it too.
Then this one got set up on a ledge he was afraid to move off of.
And this one decided to share a cheeky grin.
And we finally moved on from the polar bears...
Real flamingos--not the kind that get stuck in your yard.
The kids had a blast climbing on the elephant statues. I took a picture of Ezra and Caroline climbing/sitting around a baby elephant statue with my cell phone and sent it to my mom. The screen was so small and it looked so real that she thought the elephant was real at first.

The kids wanted to keep climbing on these "ice age animal" statues they had all around the elephants. I don't even know what they called this creature.

Lucas liked him, though : )

The elephants are always a lot of fun to look at. Being so close reminds you how mammoth they really are.
All of the large trees in the exhibit are bolted to the ground. My imagination can conjure up many reasons for that. I can just see a tree flying at some person making an annoying noise : )
Yes, this was just as dangerous as it looked. It would have been a little better if Lucas didn't already have a cast on his arm, I suppose.
"Look, it's the 'wild little donkey'"!

He(the camel) is spitting in this picture, I'm not sure if you can see that. Megan and I were quite nervous to be close to the fence as he got closer. And yes, one of his humps is all flopped over.

Such interesting looking creatures. I'm sorta glad for my van rather than this vehicle.

Hmmmm....three bare tummies to tickle.
"No, no, please don't tickle us any more, we're not having any fun at all here!"
Tickling soon turned into a wrestle session. That's usually how it works with these kids!
This is what the playroom at Aunt Megan's looked like after a week. Yikes! Ezra and Caroline love playing with someone else's toys.
And that about covers our trip south. Thanks so much to U-Nate and A-Megan and kids for all their hospitality--delicious meals, comfy bed, nice warm pool, a vehicle to drive and fun company. We loved seeing the new house, meeting baby Mia and hanging out together. Thanks to D & R for driving all that way to see us for a few hours as well! And thanks to Maisonnette for the tour of your soon to be store.


Amy said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love the tickling pictures and cute expressions :)

NaomiG said...

Wow, what fun! I think we'll be hitting that zoo, should we ever get down there. I totally agree, it is amazing how huge those animals are when you're next to them... last time we were at the zoo, the elephant peed a small river in front of us. The girls were THRILLED. They still talk about how much pee that was, and it was almost 2 years ago.