Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation..Precipitation, Precipitation!

Yes, I realize that we've moved from Seattle, or Snoqualmie, to be more rain specific--the rain capital of the world--to southeastern Idaho--the desert. However, the weather didn't get the memo. It followed us. We hear that it's been 80's and 90's back in our old stomping grounds. And here, well, it's been raining practically since we arrived. Flash flood warnings all the time. Thunder, lightening and lots of the wet stuff. Our driveway is "an ocean" according to the kids. And Thursday night while I was making dinner they decided to first throw rocks in their ocean, then put on rain boots and walk sedately through...then some running turned to splashing and so on and so forth.

Now, you can call me a terrible mother, which I very well might be, but I LET THEM! That's right, I let them. They were having a blast. I practically have webbed feet being a Seattle born and bred girl. I LOVE rain. And I love puddles, more specifically stomping in puddles. When I ran cross country in high school we used to go on "puddle stomp" runs. We raced through waist deep puddles, pushed each other into mud pits, ran in down pours and had a blast. I have wonderful memories of rain and puddles. I'd like my kids to have those memories too. And living here, we have to take the chances we are given! Praise the Lord for rain!

The first grade science curriculum I taught was "weather" and we studies a lot about the water cycle. So the kids and I have been running around the house chanting "evaporation, condensation, precipitation! The water cycle--YEAH!" Try it sometime, it's catchy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the weather lately has not been Seattle-ish, today was though, cloudy and cold at like low 60s. These pics are some of the most adorable ones yet, love their expressions!! And Ezra's Cars boots, haha! :) ~Cath

NaomiG said...

So cute! We got a thunderstorm last week, and my girls did the exact same thing... they had so much fun. While I am not a fan of the rain now, I do have very similar great memories of playing in the rain and mud... wouldn't trade them for anything. And what good is it to be a kid if you can't get completely dirty for the sake of fun sometimes?!

robyn said...

You're a fun mommy!!!