Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mending Fences

Two weeks ago, Aunt Megan and her three were here with us. We enjoyed lots of time with all 7 grandkids together. "Enjoyed" might actually be a stretch. Refereed might be much more accurate. Anyhow, our sweet Aunt Alice invited us to lunch at the marina on Thursday. Aunt Heather, Ella and Teddy were unable to make it because Ella had piano lessons. But the rest of us loaded up. We enjoyed yummy food and a mix of adult and kid conversation--Aunt Avy always makes it fun : ) I didn't just write that because she's one of my biggest blog fans either--I meant it, Aunt Avy! The marina restaurant has a whole yard full of interesting bird houses in front of it. We ate out on the porch and the kids ran around and watched the birds.

They look so sweet together here, don't they? Playing with a wind mobile made of beer cans and looking at port-a-potties, tee hee.

There are some very unique and fun birdhouses. It makes you want to go home and build a cool bird house. Ezra built one with Grandpa Tractor recently that we'll have to decorate up real fun. I'll wait until you come to visit, Grandpa Tractor and you can finish it with him : )

After lunch is when we got around to mending fences. But first--the fence had to be broken. Our best guess is that Ezra did the breaking. Aunt Megan got it put back together...but the kids took care of that. They broke it right down again and spent the rest of their time playing with it and trying to put it back together again. Sorry folks down at the marina!

Aunt Megan and Aunt Alice soaking up some rays. Baby Mia stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma, so Aunt Megan was foot-loose and fancy-free.

I thought it was all a pretty good analogy for the friendship among cousins aged 5-0 (2 five year olds, 3 three year olds, 1 one year old and a 4 monther--plus one more on the way from Aunt Heather). Lots of breaking (especially on the part of our kids) and lots of mending. Someday it should get easier. For now it's a little hard, but all the mending should be teaching some life lessons (we PRAY that it is!). Right now the adults are involved in all of the mending. Soon, the kids should be able to mend on their own. As long as they keep trying--just like they did with this fence.
Thank goodness for lots of cousins to practice with!


Anonymous said...

Caroline just looks huge in these pics! sigh... :) ~Cath

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

It WAS a fun day...such fun to be with the kids. (Brooke and Megan are kids too!) And it was a nice day weatherwise.... Even though I was there, it fun looking at pictures of the day.

Anonymous said...

I am glad your kids stillhave some Seattle rain puddles to enjoy over there.weve had 30 days with no rainhere since you left. We miss you but enjoy your postings of the kids. aunt Mary Miss their coming over for fruit snacks!!