Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to San Diego Part I (of about a million)

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. Beware. That means you are about to be saturated with pictures...just x out now if you're not a Grandma : ) We had a marvelous time in San Diego at U-Nate and A-Megan's house. Thank you to all members of your family for your wonderful hospitality! We brought Aunt Megan and her kids home with us so that we wouldn't go through withdrawals : ) I'm going to break the trip up into a few posts since there are just so many pictures.
I'll start with the weekend. We arrived about midnight Saturday morning after flying out of Salt Lake City on Friday evening. Saturday, Uncle Nate and Tadd went to a motocross event in Glenn-Helen and Aunt Megan and I stayed home to swim with the kids. Aunt Megan also was fortunate enough to take a trip to the ER with Lucas after he took a spill involving his skate board and the infamous ramp. I'm sure she'll post about that bit on her blog someday I'll spare you all the details. He ended up with a fractured elbow, poor kid.

Caroline spent some time lounging in the kid-size rocking chair.
Three year old cousins. Jill is a natural peace maker and a perfect playmate. She and Ezra played together a lot on this trip.

Sunday after meeting Daddy took a turn in the water with the kids.

Lucas had to sit the pool out because of his splint and he was so sad. To ease his sorrow his mom let him help in dinner preparations. Don't worry, Baby Mia's toes were not harmed.

Pure sweetness. We are so happy to have finally met Mia. So soft, sweet and snuggly!

Sunday evening D & R drove in with their 3 munchkins to spend the night. R and I grew up as best friends and try our best to stay in touch. These days, with the kid count always rising we don't get to see each other that often. But we keep updated by lots of time on the phone : )

The girls and boys quickly separated themselves with lots of talk about "the girl's table" and "the boy's table". How do they learn these things so young???

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by Aunt Megan.

U-Nate gave the kids rides around the pool on a surf board.
It's gonna be hard to be a surfer girl back in Idaho Miss Kine!

The oldest of D & R's kids was quite daring in the pool, swimming all by herself through the waterfall.
Mia enjoyed the pool action from the sidelines with the moms.

Caroline with D & R's girls. The oldest was born 4 days after Ezra and the younger was born just 2 months before Caroline. R and I never imagined this happening when we were best friends as little girls. And now here we are watching each other be moms.

Ezra loves to be pitched to. A plastic bat and ball make this game much more enjoyable as he has the habit of running at the pitcher or batter depending on which roll he is in : )

Mr. Handsome and Happy. He rarely cried and just stared around taking in all the action and smiling when smiled at. I was so happy to finally meet him.

That afternoon D & R headed back home and that evening we went to the Peel's house for a bbq. We enjoyed some most delicious food and fellowship. Someone else cooked the food and did the clean up, our children were entertained by others (especially Brian B--thanks!) and we got to converse with other adults--fun! The above is Peel Girl 2 and below is Peel Girl 1.

More on this trip to come...


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I wasn't a Grandma and I read through the whole post!!! And I am ready to look at ALL the pictures. It's fun to see your trip thru pictures. Keep them coming....

Anonymous said...

Yeah ditto to the above...not that long past a month since you moved and the kids alreadddy look older to me, wow!!!! my cousin just got tickets to Boise for dirt cheap, in a month, I maybe be tempted to do that too...haven't figured out my summer plans yet :( Love to all and a hug to the kids!! ~Cath

Nan Keltie said...
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Nan Keltie said...

Just discovered your blog -- the view from your rental is gorgeous! Are you familiar with the El Cajon area? There is a wonderful Creation Science Museum there. Great for kids and parents alike.

We also enjoyed visiting the San Diego zoo, which is one of the best-known in the U.S. Having read about it in Gary Richmond's book, View from the Zoo, we were anxious to see if for ourselves.

On first arriving, we took a bus tour to see the overall park. Our driver, Chris, imitated (and did it well) the animals as he passed by them. Talk about hilarious. :D

Blessings on your new location!

NaomiG said...

What fun!! It's so fun to see all the kids--cousins and friends--together... It is weird to think about--we were talking the other day about an event when we were a lot younger, and marvelling at the fact that you never know what life will bring you--here we are almost 9 years later, with two kids, and all the bridges we've crossed in the meantime. God is SO good!

Adkins Family said...

Wish we could have seen you when you were down here, looks like you had so much fun. The baby hasn't come, so I guess it wouldn't have hurt me to drive down there. Next time! :)