Thursday, June 18, 2009

Psychedelic Tea Party & Good Bye Dinner

Lately Ezra has been singing his alphabet song, minus a few letters and adding a few I've never heard of before, but overall pretty well. The end sounds like this "x, y, z, now I know my ABC's, good-bye, see ya later!" To which Caroline parrots "a, x, z, see ya lata." You can see my teaching abilities are far reaching : ) Back to the post at hand, however. On Aunt Megan's last day here, the kids and I showed up at Grandpa and Grandma's house just in time for a lunch time tea party. Aunt Megan always has lots of good tea party ideas and on this day she was mixing up all different colored frostings for the kids to decorate graham crackers with. Yum! We had all the food groups covered, crackers, licorice, graham crackers, frosting and lemonade.

I just love this picture of Lucas and Ella. It shows off so much of their personality! These two are pretty tight friends.

These are the darling purses that Grandma Idaho made for each of her girls. They belong to Heather, Megan and Brooke. Aren't they cute?
That night we headed over to Uncle Alan and Aunt Heather's lovely abode for one last chaotic dinner with everyone. After dinner we had a hymn sing complete with dancing : ) Lucas and Ella sobbed their eyes out when it came time to say good bye. They had to be torn apart. The other 5 kids were blissfully unaware. Someday they're all gonna get it and then we'll be in for a real tear storm. We sure did have fun with you Aunt Megan, Lucas, Jill and Mia! Thanks for coming back with us and spending some time here in Hide-a-do!

The five year-olds and the three-year olds got to sit near each other for dinner.

Look at that perfect little face! I want to eat her cheeks off!

What does it take for six kids to sit quietly in a row? "The Pink Panther", of course.

Excuse the pictures of me, it's Miss Mia I'm really trying to show off here. I had to squeeze in one last holding session before her mama carted this little cutie home to California.

The kids took turns picking out their favorite Sunday School songs and Uncle Alan played the guitar to keep us all singing the same tune.

Ahhh, a Grandpa and his little granddaughter. And that about wraps up Aunt Megan's trip here. Now we're all caught up to the here and now...which hasn't been too terribly exciting, so I'm gonna have to dig deep to find more to blog about, I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

ha, it was good to see a pic of YOU :D...that is soo sweet, all the cousins, reminds me of how I always latched on to one of my boy cousins and pics of us, back when allll the Newton cousins first lived in Dorothy, NJ!

Anonymous said...

oh and I meant to say, wow can she make me one of those bags?! ;) CUTE!!! ~Cath

Amy said...

How great to have so many little cousins to play with! I really like the frosting and graham cracker idea. Harry bought a Costco pack of graam crackers today so we will have to try it out! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Wonderful post! I laughed out loud at Ella and Lucas...boy does he have the eye roll right!!! The bags are darling. I love seeing pictures of all the kids in a row!

Megan Miller said...

Oh what fun times. Boo Hoo, they're all done. Thanks for all the picture taking. Good girl!

kdk said...

Does Ezra go On Beyond Zebra? VERY cool bags.

robyn said...

What a cute chubby-wubby baby!! You guys look like you've been going non-stop! That's what summer is about, right :) and, I agree, its good to see a pic of you in there, too!