Monday, June 29, 2009

Aberdeen Daze

No, I did not spell the title wrong. Last week was Aberdeen Daze and on Saturday we ventured over to shop their sidewalk sales, look at the antique car show and watch the parade. The kids were only along for that last item. Although, they did enjoy playing at the park while mommy and Miss Ginger shopped.

Waiting for the parade to start. A local man buzzed main street with his plane several times while we were waiting.
Rather than fight the crowds on main street, we went to Aunt Avy's house. The parade comes right by at the beginning. We had all the space we could want, grass to sit on, shade trees to cool us and great company. Dave and Ginger were visiting Grandpa and Grandma Idaho for the weekend and Grandma and Miss Ginger came with us while the men took a looooooong motorcycle ride.

You might just recognize some of the folks in this parade. We did : )

Getting their baskets ready for all the loot. Thanks for letting us use your baskets (and yard), Aunt Alice!

Quick! Pick it all up!

The Diesel Depot gang.

Look at all that candy! It filled up a gallon size Ziploc bag. Of course the kids tried to stuff their cheeks with as much as they could before parents could monitor. What a fun day!


Megan Miller said...

It's official you've just been Aberdeenized. Next year I expect to see you and your kidlets IN the parade. =)

NaomiG said...

Is this one of those town parades where more people are IN the parade than watching it?! Those are the best kind. :-) What fun! Totally cracked up at your comment on my post... 4 of you in a 2 person tent?! Hee hee. It's what memories are made of. :-) My advice? Put the kids in there by themselves and let them bounce off the walls for at least an hour before you climb in. We have to do that every night we camp with ours. The tent just doesn't get old for them. :-)

Anonymous said...

oh yay, how fun, there's my cute little cousin! ~Cath

Mandy said...

Oh Brooke, what a blast! I think that I could totally do the "small town life" thing....ahhh so nice!