Friday, June 5, 2009

San Diego Zoo

A cloudy, drizzly day in San Diego--perfect for the zoo! I don't think the zoo there is ever anything BUT crowded, but at least it wasn't stifling hot with all the animals hiding.
A couple of strollers, 4 kids, 3 adults and the zoo. An adventure in the making. U-Nate generously offered to stay home with Baby Mia, so it was just the older 4 along for the ride.

First stop--the gorillas. Who doesn't love gorillas? Supposedly they have a four month old baby, but we never saw him. We did see two five year olds who were almost as naughty as my toddlers. They chased and wrestled, bugged their elders and entertained the eager crowd. They were so fun to watch!

These pictures don't do them justice, but you can kind of get an idea.

Our own gorillas began eating lunch at this first exhibit--and they never stopped the whole day. Walking around the zoo apparently makes kids hungry ; )

Caroline trying to get an up-close look at the crocodile and fish. The crocodile was just under the water looking creepy and prehistoric as could be.
Hippo time!
Nope, that cast didn't slow him down one bit. The San Diego zoo is full of hills--steep ones, and Ezra and Lucas ran full blast down many of them. Tadd gave chase while Megan and I did our best to keep the strollers from running away.

Oh, so much to look at! Look at that darling grin on Jilly's face in the back of the stroller. I love her dimples!
"Ooooh! Tigers, scary!"

This guy wins the prize for ugliest animal we saw at the zoo.

Riding the gondola--Tadd's favorite part of the whole day. It was a little scary for me to see these kids looking over the was a very long way to the ground .

He wasn't scared in the least, of course.

Some exhibits down below us.

Lucas showing off his TWO missing teeth--he's getting pretty old these days.

We were at the polar bear exhibit for quite a while. Three of the four kids decided they had to go potty while we were there...but none had to go until the other got back. Isn't that the way it goes?
The polar bears were eating lettuce and carrots????
And the rest of the zoo will have to be posted on another day.


kdk said...

Vegetarian polar bears. Only in California.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I love zoos and to see them with kids would be even better. What fun....