Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Post of 2010

Well, our blog has come full circle. I started it, forgot the password to get back into it, stalled out...and then finally found it again so that I could blog about a trip to Hawaii. And now--here we are off to Hawaii again : ) Yep, you guessed it. That's our Christmas present from the Tractor's. My folks and all my bros and my sis-in-law are (and us) are headed to Hawaii for a week of fun in the sun. The kids are over the moon. Only one more day to wait.
For are a few last glimpses of the Season.
Nora went outside to play with the kids Christmas Eve morning and ended up taking her morning nap on Daddy's back. Look at that smooshed up little face.

Christmas Eve we had the privilege of hosting good friends for dinner and visiting. There is nothing I love so much as setting a pretty table and having fun with festive food. I got the camera out to take pictures and then found it sitting lonely on the counter when it was time to go to bed much later.
The kids slept fairly late Christmas morning, but woke up in time to open presents, of course. This time of year seems over the top with Ezra's birthday and Christmas only a week apart. With grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and parents these kids end up with quite a haul.

See what I mean?

We left the pretty table decor out from the night before and enjoyed it with a Christmas morning breakfast. Mmmm...apricot stuffed french toast with bacon and hash browns.

Ezra got a motorcycle jersey for one of his birthday gifts. I think he'd wear it every day if he could. He even wore it to the dirt track near my parents' house last week so that he could splash some mud up the back and wear it in proper-like.
And now we're going to take this show on the road. Sorry to everyone else on the plane : ) I'll understand if my family pretends not to know us!
From playing in the snow today to playing in the sand Saturday!
And finally, some of the funnies spoken around these parts today and yesterday:

Caroline as she fell off the step-stool in the bathroom today "Oh my STINKIN' word!"
Caroline as Ezra was about to give their sled a push down the back deck steps "This is not going to be healthy!"
Ezra "The olden days went on for a lot longer than these days, huh? And now we're living in the New Testament."


Kirsten said...

Oh, Brooke--that collection of quotes is hilarious!! Love those moments:). Have fun in Hawaii--and don't forget to relax:).

Anonymous said...

ROFL at the quotes, rolling....for real...uh I say stinkin word but I don't think I've said it around her, haha!! ~Cathy p.s. LOVE C's pj's!

robyn said...

Have a great trip, and with tons of family around to help with the little ones, it will be easier to enjoy yourselves!

NaomiG said...

Those quotes are hilarious! :-) Love 'em. Looks like your holidays were a ton of fun. My kids always get quite the haul this time of year too. I can't wait to see a post(s) about your trip. :-)