Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Ones In Hawaii

I've had a lot of trouble getting the motivation to blog since I've come home. Not that I didn't have fun in Hawaii. It's just that the tasks of home and the pressure of getting my kids the proper amount of preschool (something I fail at daily) are getting in the way. Plus, I tossed up some pictures on facebook and it feels redundant to put them on here as well. Oh well, for those of you who don't use fb or who want to see more photos, take a look...
Here are some of my favorite shots of the little ones in Hawaii. What a fun place to take pictures of kids! The brilliant colors of the ocean and sky and the light backdrop of sand are perfect for posed and action shots. Of course, being a mom, I didn't get many of pictures of things other than my kids : )

We woke before the sun most mornings. I'm okay with that in Hawaii. The kids stay mostly on their home time, going to bed early and getting up early. And they sleep hard since they mostly don't take naps and spend the whole day running and swimming and swimming and running.

We went to the Bonsai Pipeline a couple different times to watch the waves. The first Sunday we were there they had an extreme high surf warning up. Nothing is more amazing than watching those waves. Pipeline waves have a specific color to them. It's pretty exhilarating just watching the guys and girls surf those waves--I can't imagine what it feels like to be the one actually doing it. When they wiped out it looked like they were jumping from the top story of very tall buildings.

Ezra had a blast learning to "buggy" board. He had a lot of people to push him into the waves between Daddy, Grandpa and three Uncles.
The above picture looks almost exactly like one we have of Ezra in Hawaii two years ago--same rash guard and all!
Thank the Lord, we managed to get away without any sunburns.
She borrowed her mama's hat and her brother's shirt when it looked like the sun might be getting through the spf 50.

My cousin Amy and her family recently moved to Oahu and we were glad for a chance to see her (she's Mike's oldest daughter). Our kids get along very well and Ezra and Caroline were thrilled to have playmates a couple of days. Kira got buried in the sand along with Ezra and Uncle Jeff. It is a little panicky seeing your child covered up that way.
The two little ones take turns "patting" each other on the head.
These pictures of Ezra and Caroline in front of Chinaman's Hat will always be some of my favorites, I'm sure. They showcase a lovely friendship(ya know, the one they have between fights).

This Kelty Kids backpack was where Nora lived for much of the trip. Praise the Lord for a backpack!

All three kids loved the water--both the ocean and the pool. Nora didn't even gasp when we'd take her out up to her neck in the ocean. I always thought pools were kind of silly in a place like Hawaii. But with three kids, let me tell you--not silly at all.
It might sound dramatic, but one day last week I will probably always remember as one of the best days ever. We hit the beach just before 10 AM and went back and forth between there and the pool all day--didn't go inside until after sunset around 6 or 6:30. I brought lunch down to the pool for everyone and held Nora in my arms on the beach for both of her naps. Perfection, I tell ya.

I'll try to put up some pictures with grown ups tomorrow...


Adkins Family said...

Oh, that looks like such a lovely vacation! What great fun for all the kids (and grown-ups) to just play at the beach all day, every day. Good thinking on the early to bed, early to rise thing.

Nathan was watching the competition at Pipe via internet. Maybe someday we'll get to see it in person!

nicole said...

looks like so much fun. my kids want to go to Hawaii because of the resorts on Jeopardy!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I never get tired of looking at pictures of your kids! They looked like they "belonged" to the islands! Happy no one got sunburned...oh, that can be painful! Hawaii is such a lovely place for a vacation. Hugs to the kids, please!

Anonymous said...

love your new color and style of the blog. C informed me Weds. night among her long convo.(love how chatty she is!) with me that they wore clothes to the beach...ahhhhaaahaaa funny cute girl :)!!! ~Cathy