Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cookies With Aunt Ginger

Yesterday we had the privilege of going to a dear friend's house for some fun. She invited several children and their mommies to come decorate cookies. Ezra talked the whole way about how all the girls would play with the girl toys together and he and Uncle Jim would play with the big trucks together. He was thinking he'd be the only boy there...but he had a surprise waiting for him, Uncle Jim's great-grandson was invited as well.Commence decorating!

The little girls crawled around the floor hoping for dropped candies.

The kids were kept very busy for a long time.Ezra's decorating technique involved piling on as much candy as he could and then sealing it all in with lots of frosting. They look quite unique.

Caroline's cookies.
Little boys + big noisy trucks = a LOT of fun.

Uncle Jim is one of Nora's favorite people. She likes it a lot when he sings to her. He is singing "Blessed Assurance" in this picture.
Nora made some new friends also.
We were able to play, chat, decorate and eat a delicious lunch. Thanks, Aunt Ginger. You know how to make lots of little ones (and their mamas) very happy!
And last night after supper, her daddy took pity on her and cleaned up this "walker" toy. It's been out in the back getting drenched with rain and covered in mud ever since Caroline stopped using it to walk around the house. That means it has mud and rain from two different states and several different cities on it :) Nora is thrilled to have a new toy she can use to practice her new trick--pulling up to standing. She also loves to stand on couches, Caroline's kitchen set, low tables, human legs and stairs. Oih! This means a whole scary new phase of life is starting.


Megan Miller said...

Looks like so much FUN and good enough to eat. And how great is it to make that huge mess at someone elses house! ;) Baby No-no your mamma must shop at Costco like Mia's mamma (Mia has that same outfit).

Adkins Family said...

There are some folks I haven't seen in a long time. How fun they had the kids over to do that! And Myles and Emily's little boy is darling!

Have fun with Nora close to being moblie... it's exhausting as you well know! ;)

Penny said...

Oh, I like Nora and Uncle Jim's picture, especially with her bare feet! And Ezra did find a unique way to decorate - my kids always put the tons of frosting underneath the mounds of candy! :)

robyn said...

Thanks for posting some pictures. It was a fun day!