Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Monster-Truckload of Fun

We were able to reschedule Ezra's party for a few nights later. We were minus a few guests, but still managed to have a lot of fun. Ezra had seen a picture of a friend's birthday cake a few weeks before his birthday and wanted me to copy it. I was so happy that he requested a cake where I had a picture to copy : ) Copying is so much easier. He requested that the cake be chocolate with chocolate frosting...I was happy about that one also.
We ate his requested meal of flank steak (but I wanted "real steak" not "fake steak"!), creamed corn, bread, salad with carrots and guava juice. I thought he made some delicious choices!

Daddy drew up a monster truck for us to use in the bean bag toss. I had planned to mount it on cardboard and cut out holes to aim for...but as usual, I ran out of time. So it was a simple black and white picture and I just wrote different point values on different parts of the truck. I had sewn the bean bags a couple of weeks before, thankfully.

He had been waiting and waiting to take his monster truck down the course. Finally! These are the trucks you got him, Grandpa and Grandma Idaho.

Daddy was an extra big helper, running the games and cutting and serving cake with the help of Mr. J. Thanks J family for making our evening lots of fun. I wish I had gotten pictures of all the dressing up the kids were doing. Someday I'll put down the baby and pick up the camera more often!


NaomiG said...

All in all, it's probably best that you hang onto the baby for now, haha! :-) You got great pictures!

I am so impressed with your cake skills, my kids got seriously screwed in the fancy birthday cake category. Mine taste good, but they don't look so pretty. :-)

Adkins Family said...