Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Into Potty Training : )

Happy Spring! Even if we did wake up to snow and even if the pass did get 2 + feet overnight and close this afternoon for avalanche control and even if it is 35 degrees outside--spring did come, at least that's what the calendar says! ( I know, I know, for those of you from up North 35 is steaming hot). I love daffodils, both because they are readily available around here and because they are so sunny and cheerful. They seem to greet me every time I walk by them in the living room.
Last night Ezra put the final sticker on his potty training chart. One sticker for each day that he went without any accidents in his underpants. The 30 days didn't have to be in a row. Can you imagine? This poor little three year old goes 29 days and then has an accident the last day and has to start all over again. Haha. What terrible torture that would be! He did a great job. I think we started the chart 33 days ago, so there were only 3 days he didn't get stickers.

This was a proud moment. I never thought it would happen. By the time I was brave enough to start the "training" he already knew what to do and did it all on his own. Praise the Lord!
Little sister always has to get in on the action. The chart reads that if he can get 30 stickers he will earn a scooter (or "scooker" in Ezra). He's been wanting one for the past year, so we knew it would be a great motivator.

Thirty days seemed liked sooooo long back at the beginning. Every night he added a sticker, he would ask "Now do I get my scooker?" .
Daddy came home from his Ocean Shores presentation just in time to present Ezra with his scooter this afternoon.
Pretty excited.

Taking it outside for its maiden voyage. Shoes on the wrong feet and all : ) I think I saw daddy fixing that in the front yard. At least they are velcro and not ties so they won't get all tangled in the wheels!
Last I saw the trio, Caroline was in the back of the bike trailer, Daddy was on the bike and Ezra was scooting along on their way to the park. Nothing like coming home from an overnight trip and spending time with your kids as a dad. I don't know who of the four of us enjoys it more (but I'm willing to bet a lot of money that it's me!).


Mandy said...

Wow! First of all I can not believe that you have a kiddo old enough to potty train! And second Yipeee one down! Way to go! As for waiting till he could do it himself... that's the only way to go! They know when they are ready...and then you don't have to deal with all the accidents. Yeah Ezra!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Way to go, Erza! and to get a scooter - way to go Mom and Dad! He looked so pleased...Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ezra, we love you! And now, you're a big boy. Good for you. Grammanita

Adkins Family said...

Yay Ezra! Good for you. And yay for Mommy and Daddy! What a good idea to have a sticker chart and a prize, I'll have to keep that in mind. Don't think mine is quite ready yet, we're going to wait awhile. :) So, two in diapers. Oh well! No accidents sounds better.

Amy said...

Great job Ezra!! A well earned scooter! Like the idea of a prize at the end of all that work. Keep it up!