Friday, March 20, 2009

Bounce House

One of the kids' favorite places to go romp on a rainy day is the bounce house. If you've never been to one and you live in a rainy/cold wintry place be sure to google it and see if there is one near you. It's a great way to get energy out. What it is is a giant room filled with those "bounce house" contraptions. You know, the ones that are all filled with air. At the one that we go to I have to pay for Ezra, but not for Caroline since she's under 2. Also, all adults are free. Moms of older kids are lucky--their kids like to play by themselves. Those moms are the ones who get to sit on the benches or stand in the middle and gab while sipping lattes. The rest of us squeeze our adult size bodies through the obstacle course while holding toddlers and bounce ourselves into a headache in the basketball room. It's actually fun and great exercise. It's best on days when hardly anyone is there. Today was not such a day. It was crowded! Kids love chaos, though, and so they all thrive. It is quite hard to get pictures since I have to bounce with the kids, but I took a few desperation shots just so that I could finally blog about this place : ) By the way, we don't always go to so many places. When the weather is nice we prefer to play outside in the yard or ride bikes through the neighborhood--but with such a rainy and snowy month so far, we've taken advantage of all the close by opportunities.
This is the obstacle course I referred to--I usually come out all sweaty and staticky.
The above is one big room with several different bouncers. They also have a second room across the hall.
Hmmm, wrong direction--the ultimate attraction with a slide.

Perfect form.

Who should go first?


The theme at this bounce house is "Come let your kids bounce off our walls."
Hungry kiddos devour the rest of their lunch. They didn't want to eat too much before we got there so that they could bounce better :) I have found that bouncing doesn't make them as tired as I hope--but it does make them eat even more.

That's all folks!


The Chatty Housewife said...

That place looks like so much fun!

Brooke said...

Chatty--places like this actually make me think of the Mr. and Eugene and how much havoc they could wreak together there : )

Amy said...

I had no idea those places existed!! Looks like a blast, I know I will definately google for one in our area!

NaomiG said...

Yeah, who knew?! That sounds like fun--I think. I would need to take Frank, he would have as much fun as the kiddos. :-)

The Chatty Housewife said...

Brooke- that's really funny. They remind me of getting sick, because I don't do well on bouncy plastic smelly things.