Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harbor Cruise in Seattle

Today was the final day my City Pass was good. We had an Argosy cruise left to take, so today we left our house in a torrential downpour, picked up daddy from work and drove to the waterfront where it was sunny for an hour cruise around Elliot Bay. I've lived here in Seattle area my whole life and never have been on an Argosy cruise. I have been on Elliot Bay plenty of times on a ferry, but never a "cruise boat". The tour is guided and it was interesting to hear all the facts about piers and buildings I've always seen but not known the stories about.
We brought a lunch of croissant sandwiches and sparkling lemonade to enjoy while we cruised.
Lovely face as I enjoy my food.
Fun fact: the average depth in the port of Seattle is 600', but it goes as deep as 1000', naturally. Also, the sound is 47-52 degrees year round. Yep, and I grew up swimming in it in Gig Harbor. Yikes! Sometimes even at night (just kidding, mom).
Lots of fun photo ops and we cruised around the Bay. Do you know the difference between a bay and a sound? A bay has only one entrance while a sound has more than one. In the case of Puget Sound it's the entrance/exit of the Straight of Juan De Fuca and the Straight of Georgia.
The kids had fun going outside on the deck with daddy. The weather was really quite mild for being out on the bow of a big boat--we are used to the extreme wind at the front of a ferry.
Look at these giant cranes in the shipping end of the Port of Seattle. They were purchased (and now I can't remember where from????) and shipped completely assembled.
Today also just happened to be my birthday (thanks mom for all your hard work 28 years ago). So after an afternoon nap to recover from the boating fun, Tadd came home and took us out for Thai food and then the kids and he treated me to a brownie cake. Thank you all friends and family for the texted, emailed, facebooked, mailed and phoned in birthday wishes : )
Here is a picture of some of the darling gifts I received. Look at that cowgirl towel from Jake and Emmy. That and the "farm girl" cook book are supposed to help transition me to country living! The flowers are from our realtor. And photo shop--ahh, I thought about not telling my blog readers I got that from Tadd. I make no promises about magical photos forthcoming! But I am sooooooo excited to play with it and see what happens.
Aren't these flip flops fun? They are quite comfy as well. Can't wait to have the right weather to use them!


gourmetgirl said...

Happy Birthday!

NaomiG said...

Happy birthday! What a fun day! Reef flipper floppers are the very best... so comfy!

Megan Miller said...

Seriously, your only 28?

Looks like a fun day away from the house and laundry. Good job making good on your pass!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated B'day Brooke :) I haven't been on an Argosy cruise there yet either, hope to one of these months! Fun pics, haha aren't you cute with those AWESOME rainboots! I find the gifts hillarious!! :) :) Love, Cath :)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Happy Brithday again and it looked like a grand one at that. And still so young!!! You will made a good country girl too! I hope it is sunny and warm when you get here......Well, I hope BEFORE you get here it gets sunny and warm - like tomorrow isn't soon enough!

nicole said...

Thanks for the comment about the sharpened pencils! I am Chatty's cousin and actually your husband and my husband (John I) are or shall I say were good friends back when they were single bachelors!
Oh, Happy BIrthday!

Adkins Family said...

I've been to the Farm Girl's shop in Coeur d'Alene (maybe there is one in Moscow too?), very cute stuff. Love the cowgirl towel.

Glad you had a fun birthday! :)