Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello, Snow!

When we crawled out of bed quite late (2 late nights and full days in a row) this morning--we saw an unexpected sight--snow! It was falling fast too. Thankfully it was very wet and sloppy, not frozen and slippery. We expected it to stop at any minute. However, by the time we got back from Ezra's sports class at 11 it was still falling. So, out into the great white, wet slop we went. Praise the Lord they were agreeable to being confined to the backyard : ) One more year and I think they'll be happy to play independently in the snow. Caroline still has a little trouble getting around this year and doesn't ever want to stay out long. Anyhow, we played, we made a snowman, we had a snowball fight (mommy won when she hit Ezra squarely in the mouth--oopsie) and we came back in to enjoy leftover lasagna and hot chocolate (what???? that combo doesn't sound like a winner???).

Yes, she's screaming her head off. She made the mistake of touching the snowman while mommy ran inside to get the camera and Ezra "protected" the snowman.

A little snowman love. Later he kept trying to eat the carrot directly off his face. We compromised and had fresh clean carrots with our lasagna once inside.

This is my helleborus--I LOVE this beautiful plant. Bright green leaves and beautiful blossoms for about 9 month + out of the year. It's such a cheerful patch of beauty in my front landscape.

And these little lovelies stayed dry and snow-free under the front entryway.


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

It's fun to look at OTHER snow scenes - I just don't want any here but I am afraid we are to get some. The snow man looks fun. Good work Ezra and Caroline and Mom!

NaomiG said...

That sounds like fun! Our snow is way too wet right now to do anything in. Its gone, and warmish out by noon. I LOVE hellaborus! So pretty! I have no spot for shade plants at this house, very sad.