Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pacific Science Center

The rest of our trip to the Science Center was fun as well. Ezra would have stayed there until it closed. As it was, we pushed it and skipped naps...not leaving until nearly 4. I had hoped that Caroline would sleep during the IMax--hahaha, naive little mommy. She didn't wear her 3-D glasses, but she still enjoyed looking at the blurry "shishies". We saw "Under the Sea 3-D" and Ezra spent a good portion of the show screaming things like "I'm done, let's go" and "I want out of here now, now, now!!!!" and "NO--don't let him eat me!!!" We tried not to laugh so loud and encouraged him to take off his glasses so that it didn't look quite so much like the water snake was actually biting him. I finally convinced him to reach out and "touch" one of the colorful 3-D fish and right at that point a cuttlefish snapped it up. Hehe. Anyhow, it's a good show and we all had fun. But no one took any naps.

Water exhibit in the tot zone--I knew it would be a favorite. Other parents kept looking at the front of Caroline and informing me that she was "soaked" and I'd always confidently respond "Oh, I know, I brought extra clothes for both kids, it's okay" and smile. So, after I wrung the water out of her shirt and took her to the bathroom to change her diaper, I brought her back and dug through my backpack for dry clothes. seems my day-cooler leaked all it's melted ice and the "dry clothes" were even more wet than the wet clothes. Oops. Grandma took the driest of the wet clothes to the hand dryer and dried them for Miss Caroline : ) Thanks, Grandma!

The music room. Both kids enjoyed making a joyful cacophony.
Grandma was the best at making the pot lids make their loudest noises, though : )

And I finally put the camera away and just enjoyed the rest of the day. Including the part where I had to chase Ezra out of the dinosaur exhibit building and bring him back to look at the dinosaurs. I should have cut his fingernails before entering that room--but he was glad to have such a good hold on my shoulder :)
I could never have survived by myself at the PSC, so thank you so much for coming, Grandma Tractor. Every time Ezra had to go "to the to-let" right now, I was able to drop everything and run there with him and not worry about Caroline and our stroller. Only two more places left to visit on our City Pass now.
Now I'm off to watch the snow fall and practice verses with Ezra for the Sunday School treat tomorrow. This is his first appearance in such an event and we're all a little nervous around here! Let the games begin...


NaomiG said...

The science center brings back many fond memories for me. I'd love to take the kids there sometime. The 3D Sea thing sounds really cool.

We had our Sunday School treat last week. I know I was WAY more nervous than the kids, but they did great. :-) Ezra will too!

kdk said...

It's essential to have Grandma @ those kids' museum-type places, to buffer some of the over-stimulation. Do you think moms get more over-stimulated than kids? BTW, I totally forgot about you being @ the graduation!