Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday morning while waiting for mommy, daddy had a little photo shoot with the kids before Sunday School (note: They were not waiting for me because I took 2 hours in the bathroom, but because I had to do all the things mommies have to do Sunday morning before I had my own ten minutes to get dressed!). This post features Mr. Ezra with his new haircut.

He's our boy. Our first born.
High-energy, hard to control...

... more loving than I ever knew a three year old boy could be.
He is a man of many expressions and many words.

He has come a looooooong way already.
The tantrums that drove us to our knees all day long a year or more ago are nearly gone.
He knows how to share, to potty in the toilet, to dress himself, to ride his bike, to sing songs and play many sports. He is a wonderful big brother.
He can tell you just how Jesus died on a terrible cross to wash away his sins--and will assure you that his Lord lives in his heart and that he will be joining Him in heaven just as soon as he is called.

He is not perfect--and we do not wish him so.

He is ours--loaned to us by the Lord. And we love him more than any words could ever describe.
Thank you Lord for such a beautiful gift!

(Yes, this blog is a little redundant : ))


Glenda said...

And to top it off - "quite adorable" Ü

NaomiG said...

He's really cute too! I's pretty spectacular how they steal our hearts completely, isn't it? :-)

NaomiG said...

It's, I mean. :-)

Anonymous said...

OHHHH...these are hysterical, so much character, soo much personality, sooo cute!!!! What a little charmer, I know he has me completely charmed, sigh...I just love him! and Caroline! He was making the most hillarious faces at me in meeting yesterday! :) Yeah yesterday I meant to say I absolutely LOVE his haircut/hair do ;) SO handsome. ~Cathy

Anonymous said...

oh and P.S., for "10 minutes to get ready" you do very well =) You always look cuter than me haha :) (Cath again)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

You said it all...he reminds me of his Dad - but no picture this time of his "wink" which I love to see him do. You have to come to Aberdeen so I can see for myself if all you said is true!!!