Thursday, March 19, 2009

Museum of Flight

In the words of a good friend "brace yourselves!" this is a looooooong one. I had way too much fun taking pictures of planes at the museum yesterday. You think I posted a lot--you should see how many are on the camera :) My brother Brett is home from the University of Idaho for spring break this week, so he and my mom met us at the Boeing Museum of Flight. As soon as we got close Ezra could see the planes taking off and landing at Boeing field and got excited. And then in the parking lot we stood next to the runway and watched a man taking helicopter flying lessons. Off to a good start. I'll let the pictures tell the stories with a few words as tour guides along the way...

"car-planes--one for every garage".

Ezra in the flight simulator for kids.

Looking up--planes hang at all different levels from the ceiling--it's an amazing view.

Trying to get the top to come down in the fighter jet.

He getting in, she getting out : )

His wing woman.

I loved this flying woman : )

Ezra and a moon-mobile.

Trying to land on the moon--he crashed twice and then the computer shut him out.

This is the Mars Rover shown in the diagram below.

Some freaky astronauts I found there.

Yep, they found a pacifier that is allowed in space!

Hang gliding Gramma and Ezra.
Look at those fly-boys (and girl).

Grandma making the air balloon fly in the kids-zone.
The second time Ezra took a turn in the simulator, Caroline decided to go with him. It was pretty cute, I have to say.

After lunch, we crossed the sky-bridge and went to the air park to tour the Concord and an old Air Force One. It was the 707 model that Presidents Kennedy, Nixon and others used.
Jackie K (not O) exits the plane with her family : ) After posing for the press.
The hair twins check out the first Boeing 737 to fly. My mom remembers that its first flight was to Moses Lake and then Walla Walla. Uncle Brett kept lifting Ezra up so he could touch the "belly" of the plane. So later, Caroline kept pointing at other planes and requesting "tummy??" Hehe.

In the "Heroes of the Air" WWII exhibit--all the uniforms of the different divisions and countries involved in the war.
Some of the "nose art" was cool to look at. There were many examples. Thankfully, they kept the ones I didn't want Ezra to see hidden away in a little binder instead of displayed on planes.

And that's when I finally put the camera away and took two tired kids home. I thought that this museum would be a quick trip--but we were there for 4 hours and Ezra still wasn't ready to leave (he never is). Caroline knew how tired she was and kept asking for "home".

And this here is a little shot from the Palisades restaurant where Tadd and I ate dinner Tuesday night courtesy of an anniversary gift from my parents last year : ) Thanks mom and dad! This photo is taken directly from the seat I sat in for dinner--talk about an amazing view!


Glenda said...

This place looks awesome!! Happy belated Anniversary! Ü

NaomiG said...

COOL! What fun! Definitely adding that to our list if we ever get over to Seattle for a weekend of museums and aquarium! Those pics of E&C in the blue angels plane are adorable! And the Jackie K thing totally cracked me up. :-) That pic really looks like a press photo!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Wow, that place is amazing! Mike would love it. Your kids are getting some great history lessons with all you get to do around that area. That was pretty cute to see the two in the place!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm glad you took them there, this is like my favorite museum I have ever been to!!! I have pics of all that same stuff and sat in a lot of that stuff too, heehee!! :) I went on a Thurs. night when they let you in for free, but unfortunately you can't go in Air Force 1 that night and something else and I never did the "big people" simulator, so I want to go back lol! Wow, the view from Palisades looks like the awesome view from Salty's, is it on Alki? ~Cath

gourmetgirl said...

I love that museum...especially those car planes...only went one Thursday night for the free
first of the month so didn't get to tour the planes outside...and yeah just noticed Cathy said the same thing...The Jackie O thing made me laugh, your mom has the poise and style just different color hair :) The pictures of the kids in the Blue Angels plane are SO cute!

The Chatty Housewife said...

One more place to add to my must see list, that looks like a lot of fun!