Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why dads are SO much cooler!

Here is our last project. Craft-stick snowflakes. They are not that exciting. But the kids still have fun with them. Simply glue four craft sticks into the shape of a star. Give the kids some glue, glitter, etc. and let 'em go to town.

Finished products can be hung with string from the ceiling or on a Christmas tree. Alternately, attach a magnet to the back and hang it on the fridge. They also can be written on and used in place of a card in a cookie basket or other holiday gift. Quite simple, short time filler, minimal materials.

Now on to the title. Dads will always be cooler than moms. They come home from work ready for some fun. They are sick of adults and ready for the kids. They are not yelling at the children, they are willing to be horsies, readers, silly...and most important lately--tent/fort builders!

Notice the doll and animal collection. They set up shop for the long haul!


Mr. Cool himself. Boy do these kids love their "dadda!" He is asked after all day long. When told that he is at work first thing in the morning they must search the whole house just in case I am lying. He is greeted with hugs, kisses, slobber and many, many, many words when he comes home. And he continues to come home...thank you!

After tents, diaper boxes were all the rage. Notice diapers are the only apparel needed for this kind of play.

The next day Caroline continued the box play. They both have a nasty cold and cough and are awake often at night, not napping well and feeling pretty rotten. This means she's usually pretty cranky. But I stuffed her in the box with her dolls, blanky and a coupla pillows and she got cozy, drowsy and happy. She even let me take out her pa-pa for one picture.

She got progressively more relaxed...

And then cried until I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep. I was able to leave her on the couch to snooze.

Nothing sweeter to a mommy's eyes.

And while she snoozed, I was able to finish this...

Buttermilk-lemon pie with a meringue topping. It's an old Taste of Home recipe that I've liked for many years. I am a meringue failure. This topping used to be runny as all get-out. Any cookies I tried to make had to be scraped off the cookie sheet and transferred straight to the trash. Then my mom clued me in to a little secret. Use the kitchen aid mixer instead of my hand beaters. Simple. Wonderful. The answer! Caroline later got into the fridge with a little help from Ezra and stuck her hand into the meringue taking out a huge handful. Here's another little secret--it holds little girls hair in place better than any gel ever made : )
Also, that hour snooze on the couch ended when Ezra shouted at her until she awoke and said sweetly, "she awake mama, see, her eyes is open." She never napped again that day. Grrrr...
I have so much more to say. None of it important. Caroline finally stopped crying. Ezra was put into bed for the 10th and final time. And Tadd walked in the door after a rare 13 hour day. Bed is calling...


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Yummy children and yummy pie! Thanks for the visit - such fun to "watch" the kids - all of them!

Debbie said...

Caroline looks SO sweet in the box all cozy and drowsy. :) I love it when Miss Kate gets all cuddly and mellow occasionally. :)
She also loves to climb into boxes and/or push them around the house filling them with whatever strikes her fancy. And 'forts' are so much fun! GO Daddy!
Bummer the kids are sick. Hope they get to feelin' better soon. Until then, hang in there. :)

NaomiG said...

It's like you have a parallel universe over there with the forts, and checking to see if Momma's lying about Dad being gone every morning. Must be the age of kids we have. :-) Love the snowflakes, too. I think I have popsicle sticks around here somewhere... might have to drop the glue ban and make some of this stuff. :-)