Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A joint birthday party

Monday morning dawned bright, sunny and frigid! But the roads were clear (a direct answer to many prayers) and we headed west for a birthday party. There just so happen to be twins who were born 2.5 weeks before Ezra in our meeting. And their cousin just so happens to celebrate a birthday the day before Ezra's. So, we joined forces and had a party. And boy was it fun. Miss J provided her home, lunch for us all and party games. She by far got the short end of the stick since she also was left with a mess. Thank you, thank you Miss J!

The first game was trying to pop the balloons tied to the other kids' ankles. This is JM--the new 5 year old.

And here is the only birthday girl out of the four birthday kids.

Getting ready for musical chairs.

Er, musical pillows.

Caroline had her own agenda.

The final game was "hide the Thomas the tank engine". This is the creative spot that A found on top of a picture. It took the other kids many minutes and quite a few clues to find him in this hiding spot!

Singing "the donkey song".

Then it was present time!

There was a lot of torn wrapping paper by the time all the birthday kids were finished.

Five candles on the John Deere cake for JM.

We lit the candles 4 different times, sang happy birthday 4 different times and watched 4 different kids blow out the candles. No one ate that particular piece of cake where the candles were located : )

After all those games, a yummy lunch of corn dogs and tater tots, presents and cake we were done! Put a fork in us.

What a fun birthday party. And now my sweet little boy has only a few hours left as a two year old. My, but I'm glad it's not three years ago right now. With the weather questionable in our area we're not sure what will happen tomorrow. But I'll be sure to post any more birthday doin's. Grandpa and Grandma Tractor will be coming over at some point to eat more cake. And we are supposed to go to Mommy Group on Friday with yet another cake (I paid enough for the cake pan that I'm determined to use it frequently). There are two other young fellas with birthdays this week at mommy group. And then we can go back to regular life with a three year old.


Adkins Family said...

Happy Birthday Ezra!

gourmetgirl said...

Happy Birthday to Ezra! BB :)