Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Build-A-Bear Mania

Grandpa Tractor and Grandma Harbor came over last Saturday evening. Grandpa helped to fix the bathroom door that had to be broken last week when Ezra locked himself in there. He had lots of help with the fixing.

Now, on to the reason for this post...
Since before Ezra was born, Grandma Harbor has been waiting to take someone to Build-a-Bear workshop. For Ezra's 3rd birthday he got to go with her (and grandpa)! His birthday is not until Thursday, but this has been one long week of celebrating.
Here we go!

Making the decision about which type of bear to choose. Yes, I realize that is a dinosaur he's holding in the above picture. Most of the choices were bears, but not all.

Hmmmm...hard decision.

Sorry Miss Kine, not your turn tonight. But she had fun being part of the experience!

Time to fill the bear with his stuffing.

Checking it to see if it has enough stuffing.

Washing the freshly stuffed and stitched bear.

More decisions. How shall we dress the bear? First he went for a fire fighter uniform. Then he was distracted by a hard hat. We searched for clothes to go with it. Uncle Heffay insisted we incorporate the wife beater top.

Dressing the bear in his construction worker outfit.

"I want my bear to have theeeeese!"
Uncle Heffay showing the dressed bear.

Ezra's favorite part was the "newborn" bear shower. He kept taking all the accessories back there to "wash" them. His other favorite part was the accessories. He wanted his bear to have everything. He finally settled on a hockey stick and puck and a skateboard with flames for his bear to play with.

The Build-a-Bear Bear Promise posted above the cashier. Just before checking out, the bear is taken to a kiosk to have his "birth certificate" printed out. Ezra got to name his own bear. When asked for the name, with full assurance he requested to name his bear "Petunia". So, Petunia he is. Petunia the construction worker, hockey playing, skate boarding bear!

Daddy and Ezra waiting in the checkout line with the finished Petunia.

Petunia is finally finished. He's boxed in his home and ready to go with Ezra to the new play area at the mall. They ended up staying there for an hour and half. One tired boy and one tired bear were taken home for a good night's rest! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a special birthday present Grandpa Tractor and Grandma Harbor!


Stacey said...

Petunia. That's awesome. :)

Megan Miller said...

Petunia, Surf Dude, and piggy need to meet.

NaomiG said...

I love it! Petunia, that is awesome. And, the bathroom door thing totally cracked me up, cuz we have locked bathroom door situations on our hands around here a lot. I've gotten to the point where I just keep the "key" thingy in my pocket. And, I caught Debris attempting to pick a lock the other day with a bobby pin.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Petunia?? Dad didn't look thrilled..... Oh well, it's Ezra's choice and that's the way it should be. And that was an interesting set of pictures. I have not been to a bear world - however Hank would love it if we got him one - and he would check to be sure it had plenty of stuffing to later pull out.....

The Chatty Housewife said...

Petunia is a great name. I am sure he will love his choice when he is 20. :)

gourmetgirl said...

I love it! The combination is just terrific, something only a little person could be creative enough to come up with. :)

Anonymous said...

haha, he was sooo cute Sunday..."I've got Petunia" dear little boy, I love him! ~Cathy