Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Shoot

A month and a half ago we had belated one year photos of Caroline and preemptive three year photos of Ezra taken by our friend Constantin. It was a gorgeous fall day and the backdrop of our historic train station and surrounding area was radiant. Caroline fussed and cried and made poor Constantin work for his money. He did a lovely job of capturing all the non-smiles she gave him. Ezra cooperated--as he always does for photos. I've been fighting the Internet all day to upload some of these huge files to blogger. I'm losing the battle. But I can at least give a small sample of some of the shots. Maybe some other day I'll be able to upload more. Enjoy.

These are the un-cropped versions. Now we have to decide which to print and make a trip to Costco. What a blessing to have so many photos of the little people we love more than life itself. Thank you Lord!

1 comment:

NaomiG said...

CUTE! Love C's face in the first one. :-) I like the train yard idea. I may have to steal that for our next photo shoot. :-)