Friday, December 26, 2008

Grampa and Gramma Hiiii-do

Grandpa and Grandma Idaho arrived Tuesday evening to spend a few days with us. They had first planned to spend a night in Walla Walla on the way here, but with a new storm hot on their heels, they pushed through and made the drive all in one day. And boy were they glad they had when it started snowing hard that night and the next morning. Excitement levels were quite high while two little bodies wriggled on the chair by the window watching for a van with Idaho plates to pull up to our house. When they did arrive, Grandpa backed the van up to re-parallel park and Caroline burst into tears thinking they were leaving as soon as they arrived. But--they stayed! And they brought gifts. A construction tool set and hard hat for Ezra's birthday. And a darling jumper sewn by Grandma for Caroline with a matching hat she crocheted. What fun.

Even more than the presents, Ezra and Caroline are enjoying Grandpa and Grandma Hi-do themselves. Grandparents always have time to cuddle, read books, play and listen to stories told by Ezra. We're so glad that they're here!

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Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

So glad to hear you made it safely. yes, I can imagine how glad you are to "pushed" it. We've had quite the storms here. Grandparents are lucky to have such cute cuddly kids.....! A Christmas kiss from Aunty Avy!