Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Dinner and Gifts

Our two spoiled little darlings were quite excited to wake up Christmas morning and tear into gifts. Having just celebrated a birthday only a week prior, Ezra was an expert at ripping off paper. In fact, he started early with the ripping when he snuck into mommy and daddy's room the night before to open some gifts...some his, some not. Here is Caroline with a pot and pan set from Grandpa and Grandma Idaho.
And here is my current favorite picture of Ezra. "It's a grader!" He's been asking for a grader for the past year. Grandpa and Grandma Idaho came through big time!
Caroline's contribution to cooking the meal.
Grandma brought a delicious stuffing casserole and came to the rescue with wonderful gravy.

Daddy and Ezra waiting "patiently" at the table. The table was sadly lacking. With most of our extra things in storage there was no way to make the table pretty or fancy. I was quite sad thinking of all my beautiful china and serving pieces, the table cloths and cloth napkins that would have added that "just so" touch. Especially since we are so rarely home for Christmas. Thankfully, Christmas is not about having things "just so". We are thankful for food to eat, family to share it with and a warm house to enjoy it in. And above all else, for the Baby who came to earth from Heavenly glory to one day shed his precious blood to wash away our sins and make us as white as the lovely snow that fell all week.

Some of the fare.
And the drinks. Here's another opportunity to sing the praises of Trader Joe's. I do love their sparkling lemonade and what better time to enjoy some than Christmas dinner! We easily polished off the bottle. Ezra and Grandma Idaho helped me out.
And this is what we looked like after the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, layer salad, creamed corn and rolls were devoured. Rather than enjoy pecan pie right off, we opted to run to our beds for nap time. All but Grandpa, that is, who stayed awake to kindly pick the turkey bones clean.
And now going back in time to when we first woke up. These are the stockings made from paper and sewed up by Ezra and I. I hole punched around the paper and then Ezra and I used yarn to lace them up like lacing cards. It was sure fun! This can also be done with felt, although hole punching felt is a lot harder (but still possible).

Beginning the process of becoming beyond spoiled.
Ezra's new street sweeper.
Caroline opening the huge gift from mommy and daddy...a kitchen set!
This took Grandpa and Daddy most of the morning to put together.
I promise that she is happy with the present--just not with the camera :) Ezra loves the kitchen set just as much as Caroline does. The pot and pan set that Grandpa and Grandma got her goes perfectly with the kitchen.
And after a long day of eating and playing they raced off to bed. Ready, set...go!


The Chatty Housewife said...

Looks like the kids did well! It cracks me up how much Ezra's expression looks like your hubby's in the "It's a grader" photo!

Adkins Family said...

Ah yes, it took me awhile to put that kitchen together too! But oh, so worth it. Amelia even shares hers well with Morgan (so far!). :)Glad you get to have Grandpa and Grandma there to share in all the fun.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

That was a fun visit to your house on Christmas.....loved Caroline's look in front of her kitchen - that would be me crying "do I have to fix another meal".....

ag said...

How fun!

grammanita said...
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