Monday, June 13, 2011

Uncle Brettski's Graduation

This one has a lot of pictures--beware! The second weekend in May saw us driving over the mountains to go watch Brett graduate from the University of Idaho as a chemical engineer/chemistry major. We left on a Friday and drove to Hayden to Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily's place. We had a relaxed evening with an amazing meal cooked by the Auntie and then frozen yogurt eaten by Lake Coeur d'Alene just after sunset. Later Ezra reported that was his favorite part of the whole weekend.
Saturday morning we got up too early for a Saturday morning, threw on some dress clothes and hopped in the van to drive the winding road to Moscow for the 9:30 AM graduation ceremony.
Don't they look like a cute little family? The Kibbie Dome where the graduation is usually held is currently under construction. So they took the ceremony outside. The forecast was for high wind, thundershowers and possible funnel clouds. Yikes!
Instead of the rain we had beautiful blue skies. We didn't need any of the umbrellas we hauled out there--but we did need sunscreen! Thankfully I had some in my purse for the kids' faces. But our arms didn't fare so well. And the poor graduates baking up front in their hot caps and gowns got burned to a red glowing crisp.
Being outside all on one level means that you can't see a blessed thing. Thankfully they set up screens--Brett is walking across the platform to receive his diploma there on the left side of that screen.
Nora finally sacked out as the ceremony ended.
Here he comes!
No family pictorials because half the family was hiding around the corner in the shade. But there's the graduate with his supporting dad and mom.
Then it was back to the condo where Brett lived with Jeff and another roommate.

Time to pack up alllllll five years' worth of stuff.
Heffay kissing his mini-giraffe good bye while lifting de weights.
Mama cleaned out the fridge (and that's quite the job with a condo full of college boys)
The girls had fun playing out on the front steps while the boys and Grandpa loaded up all their worldly goods to take back to Gig Harbor.

A little Guitar Hero for father and son...
After we were packed up it was back to Coeur d'Alene's famous Wolf Lodge for a celebration steak dinner.

Now that was a steak.
One dinner. We did a lot of sharing. Between the plate full of red meat and the fully loaded baked potatoes we were all groaning and holding our tummies.

Food is one thing Brett has always been serious about.

After dinner we went back to Jake and Em's to party some more. Ezra and Caroline cried "shy" and hid behind the blow up mattress in our bedroom when the other guests showed up.

Aunt Emmy made chocolate pudding cake at Brett's request and I can tell you that it was a good choice.

Nora thought so too.
Ezra wrapped up a paper plate to give to Brett as a gift. It IS the thought that counts, right?
A Kindle--that's more like it : )
Dad with his two UI graduates--one more to go.
The boys' friend Matt spent a lot of time playing with the kids and letting them play with his electronics.
Sunday after meeting we all had a nice 5 Guys lunch together and then headed back west for home.
An update to this story is that Brett has been hired to be a chemical engineer at a glass factory south of Olympia. He's currently living in a motel while he looks for apartments. We are excited that he lives close enough to come home on weekends and it will be an easy drive down to visit him!


Adkins Family said...

Mmmmm. Wolf Lodge. It's fun to see all the pictures of the momentous weekend. Congrats to Brett on landing a job, that is wonderful!

kdk said...

I wonder if Brett is working at the same glass factory the Spouse did some sort of field evaluation at...or else he sent someone else to do it. Brett can take comfort in the fact that after some years on the job, he'll be able to send other people to do things!

NaomiG said...

Congratulations to the Graduate! That's so very cool that he got a job so quickly out of college too.

Sounds like a wonderful time--I don't envy your mom the fridge project at all, ha!