Monday, June 6, 2011

May Review Part I

Hang on, it's going to be a long and bumpy ride as we review the month of May. It's been Busy! Too busy to take pictures of many of the happenings--but I did snap a few here and there.
Ezra kept us running from games to home and back again. Well, he should have anyhow--if the rain hadn't canceled so many practices and games.
Nora is quite a patient little audience member. She eats her daily quota of sand, dirt, rocks and anything else she finds. Her specific role is to make all the other Little League parents question my parenting abilities : )
Grandpa and Grandma Idaho came for a visit.
They were during a string of three--count them--three sunny days in a row! That was a big record around these here rainy parts.
We broke out the hose and let the kids spray each other. We're really into fancy water toys around here.

Grandma brought Caroline a nice pair of dress up heels. They match her "zebra in high heels" pj's quite nicely.
Nora's cute little buddy brought his parents and grandparents over for dinner one night so they could visit with Grandpa and Grandma Idaho. Nora really does love to play with Landon. And he is a very patient little man. He didn't even complain when she mashed herself into the car built for one and shut the door :)

The big Number Four getting suited up for the role all the boys wait all season for: Catcher!

Get to touch the ball on every play--whoo hoo!

It was fun to have Grandpa and Grandma Idaho in town for a couple of Ezra's games.
Nora the fancy riding buckaroo!

Get that thing outta yer mouth, pardner!

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Penny said...

GO, Number Four!!! I love little kiddos in catcher gear - all smooshed into the helmet so you can hardly recognize them. :)