Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Thank You Request

The following is a message from Rebecca over at "MyWhitsEnd.

"A LASSEN PINES PASS ALONG--copy this to your post to spread the news of a card shower. Read more in the note.

by Rebecca on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 7:47pm


There are two people that ensured I had many happy summers. They also helped me to survive college, and ultimately allowed me to meet my future Hunni. Their names are Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, and I for one just want to say thanks.

After running Lassen Pines camp for many, many years, the Weavers have finally decided to actually have a summer vacation without 100-300 energy-filled, not always the best behaved, kids. Now I know that I am not the only person who feels this way, so I thought it would be nice if we all thanked Mr. and Mrs. Weaver for so many years of giving. I think in some cases maybe up to three generations attended Lassen Pines Christian Camp. So if you attended camp 40 years ago, 14 years ago, or attended last year for the first time, why not send a thank you note to them.

Maybe you met your best friend at Lassen Pines, maybe there was something said in a meeting that you still enjoy, maybe you need to apologize for lighting off some fireworks :) , or maybe you just want to thank Mrs. Weaver for her healthy AND DELICIOUS meals. So why not join me in sending them a note. If you could include a current picture of yourself, I'm sure that they would get a kick out of the fact that you finally grew-up. You might want to add your maiden name, just as they probably remember you by the name you used at Camp.

I have permission from their daughter to include their mailing address:

Wally and Delores

215 Highlawn Place

Altadena, CA 91001

If you prefer email, you can reach them at

And if you would rather just leave them a message right now, I have set a page aside for comments on my blog Just click on the page entitled LASSEN PINES, and leave your note. I will print up all the comments at the end of July and send them to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver.

To help pass this on, you can copy and save this on your profile. Or you can just call up your friend, reminisce about Lassen Pines and tell him/her about the planned card shower.


a Lassen Pines camper"

I happen to have been a Lassen Pines Camp frequenter as well and promised Rebecca I would pass along the message to please send a Thank You to Uncle Wally and Aunt Delores this year. Going to Camp Lassen was the highlight of my year from the time I was twelve until I was sixteen. After that it was simply one of the highlights of my year : ) The first time I went to Lassen I caught a ride with my best friend and her family. We rode the ten hours in the back of her mini-van in antsy anticipation. Finally--Lassen--the signal we had reached the best days of our lives. Our chance to meet and fall in love with the man of our dreams. Time to meet other girls who would become pillars in our lives. Ohhhhh, were we excited. After that first camp experience was over and we were back in our respective homes (3 hours apart) we wrote letters back and forth (before email, of course) and always ended with "only 357 more days until Lassen!" or "only 289 days until Lassen" or "only 32 days until Lassen...three more outfits to buy!!!" get the idea. We may even have co-authored a song (a very spiritual song) titled "I Need a Guy, the Perfect Guy" to the tune of "Amazing Grace".
Of course, as we grew older we did meet young women who became pillars in our lives. We met a little-older-than-us-women who became role models for us (Rebecca being one of them) and we met counselors who taught us a lot along the way. We listened to Bible meetings that helped to shape and change us and bring us closer to the Lord. And we also pulled many a prank and learned to deal with the consequences. Dressing up as a boy is all fun and games until the adults are actually fooled and send you to the boys' cabins instead of your own. And if you're going to put a rotten egg in the bottom of a young man's sleeping bag, try to do it in a cabin where your dad is not the counselor. Words of wisdom.
My own parents have been working with the Weavers for the past 16 years to help put on the camp. I have seen through their hard work just how much is put into such a camp. Without Uncle Wally and Aunt Delores and their years of emotional and physical sacrifice these times and lessons could not have happened. Please do take time to send a thank you, a memory, a verse or a kind word to Uncle Wally and Aunt Delores. Knowing them, each and every word will be savored.
*Interesting update: My best friend and Lassen partner, who we'll just call Amanda for sake of not having to make up a name, and myself both married men who attended Lassen as well. However, neither of us met or dated our mate at Lassen.


Adkins Family said...

What a wonderful idea! Many fond memories of summer camp at Lassen for this girl too. :)

Btw, I'll be in Spokane until the 30th. We connected in Seattle and when we were landing, Amelia said: "This is where baby Nora lives!"

Anonymous said...

haha, love love love this blog post....soooo many memories!! and sooo true about all the thoughts that went through girl's minds on the way to Lassen :D Hey, I met YOU there!! oh that summer ;).... ~cath

kdk said...

GREAT idea. I will write the Weavers. A few years ago I was down and needed some of the old Lassen songs, so I called Mr. W and he sent me a Lassen hymn book!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea...they deserve it- and a whole lot more! Oh the memories of Lassen Pines back in the early-to-mid 90's:) Good times were had, for sure! The paddy-wagon vans coming to get us at the baseball fields is a vivid memory that comes to mind when I think of our camp years:) Haha-I completely forgot about our countdowns in the letters, until I read your post!

Well, it's a good thing I didn't get together with my husband at Lassen because it would have been highly inappropriate-and weird, age-wise:)-haha! But, it's neat that we both have fond memories of the same place and can swap camp stories with each other - and someday share them with Ember, just like my parents shared stories about camp-and the Weavers-with us! It's incredible how many young people's lives the Weaver's touched throughout the decades. Amazing!