Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Review Part II: Ballerina Diaries--the Recital

The long months of ballet class culminated in a May 21 Dance Recital for our little ballerina. The Recital was a big deal with all the different classes performing making it about an hour long gig. The day before we had to take her out for dress rehearsal and formal pictures. Her class danced to a song called "Butterfly Fly Away" (specifically designed to make the parents bawl their eyes out) meaning that they were dressed as fancy, colorful butterflies.
I had an easier time than some getting my butterfly's hair into a bun--all those curls and all that length made it easy to goop and glop and bobby pin to her head.

The teacher had recommended that we put make up on the girls because of the stage lights. I couldn't bear the thought of putting make up on my little three year old--so for dress rehearsal I just didn't. Then I felt bad because she was the only pale child there.

The day of the Recital, I caved to the pressure and painted up her face.

The above picture is some of the older ballerinas. The very front right young lady was once a precious little first grader in my classroom--the year Ezra was born. She is now a tall, graceful dancer. Frightening to think how fast that happened!
Flash photography was prohibited the day of the Recital and my skills are greatly lacking--so excuse all the blurriness, please.
The whole group of 150 dancers involved in the program. Some of these girls are in more than one class and were running around between programs changing costumes and getting ready to do their next dance. My ex-student was in four different performances!!!
After the show there was a cookie and juice reception in the lobby. Caroline was able to greet all her adoring fans. Both sets of Grandparents along with Uncle Brett and Uncle Jeff were kind enough to come watch.
In case you are wondering, I didn't bawl like a baby during the performance. I think this was due to the fact that I had cried most weeks as I watched her practice. I kept thinking that some day when she's walking down some aisle (as a graduate, as a bride) THIS is how I'll be picturing her.


Adkins Family said...

These pictures are so precious! We just went to Morgan's ballet recital this past weekend and it is so cute to see the preschool girls perform.

Looks like Ezra did a great job as a baseball player. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought it was my dad helping him gear up for catcher. :)

Anonymous said...

awwwww she looks just beautiful, doesn't need any makeup, but cute :) :) ~Cath

Megan Miller said...

So sweet, gracious! Wish we could have come watched you, Caroline. You will have to give us a performance in a few weeks, o.k.?