Monday, June 20, 2011

I May...

...finish posting about May before June is over. Or, I may not at the rate I'm going.
I thought about skipping over these pictures, but they were on my list of "things to blog" and if you know anything about me you know that I tend to be a slave to my lists. It's a side effect of being a teacher. You learn to live your life in tiny 2 inch squares and lists.
The first weekend in May we spent in Gig Harbor so that I could go see my girls at a gab-fest session of Mommy Group at a playground. (Yes, I did just refer to my past life as a teacher and then write a run-on sentence). It was rainy and I didn't want to take my camera. Let me tell you why the ladies of Mommy Group like to meet at the playground on a rainy Friday: it's empty. As in, we're the only ones there. And with no one watching us we can let our kids run wild. And we ignore them. Yep, almost completely. You'll hear any one of us say things like "well, is there blood? No? Okay then, he'll be fine" or "work it out yourselves" or "shoot, I guess I need to put down this food I'm stuffing my face with and go take my child off the monkey bars in case she actually does a triple-Gainer like she's threatening" and "go use the woods so that I don't have to walk you to that nasty outhouse". No joke.
And then we mommies eat as much food as we can and cover as much gabbing ground as we possibly can in a short few hours. And then we all groan when the rain lets up and other moms pull into the parking lot. And I have not a single incriminating photo.
Isn't my little Nory Pory puddin' pie sweet with that little flower behind her ear?

The kids spent Saturday roaming around Grandpa and Grandma's huge backyard. They sure miss having this yard at their daily disposal. I don't think Ranger misses sharing it with them.

Mother's Day happened to be the Sunday of that weekend and my poor Mama had to work at the hospital. But the rest of us went to Grandma's for pizza and cupcakes after meeting and she joined us there later in the afternoon.
Aunt Cindi and Cousin Ally knelt down to be closer to Caroline and she thought she should kneel too which got us all giggling.
Take Two.
I wanted a picture of my children with me for Mother's Day. But the sun was in our eyes in a violent way. And when you see the sun once every two months and then suddenly it's in your eyes--it's bad!

We hope to see more of the sun soon.


NaomiG said...

Aw. Love the mother's day pics! Especially the one with your kiddos, haha! You can totally tell that the sun had just barely made its appearance! That's great.

KLamb said...

Thanks for the great blogging. I love being able to catch up on kids as they grow and other occasions like graduations, etc, even if I don't usually comment. See you in Idaho! D.V.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

What a darling that Nora is...I am so anxious to "meet" her again. She has really changed. And so anxious also to see Ezra and Caroline. Loved the Mother's Day picture and the squinting...I really do love that picture. Maybe it is because Ezra looks like Tadd when we used to exchange winks!!! And thanks for all the posts with pictures....they are enjoyed even if I don't always respond.