Monday, June 27, 2011

Still back in May--but almost done now!

Uncle Brett came to stay with us for the YP weekend at the end of May. He was treated to early morning wake up calls including a bucket of cars being dumped on him. Rise and shine Uncle Brett! Nora adores her Uncle "Bet" and was always very sad when he left the house. She'd stand by the door calling "Bet" and crying.
Landon has taught Nora the joy of looking quietly at books. Thanks, Landon! I have a feeling you will be the calming influence in her childhood.
And guess who came to visit for Memorial Day weekend plus a few extra days? Yep--Uncle Alan, Aunt Heather and the kids. Whoo hoo! We headed downtown and basically did all the same things we did with the last cousins who visited.

These three climbing on the ropes and peeking down into the water had Ella quite nervous.
Last time we were at the flying fish stand Ezra was with his other cousins and they were scared by a fish head that wasn't "quite dead". This time they were freaked out by a monk fish--those things are a little creepy dead OR alive. And they weren't sure which was the case here.

The sign says "Wassup? I'm a monkfish, yo."

The fish are flying!

We watched some cheese being made.
You know you are from the country when you have to carry your car top carrier down through the parking garage because its too tall for the low ceilings : )

The only 2 of Grandpa and Grandma Idaho's 9 grandkids to have Idaho birth certificates.

This is what cousins do best--wrasslin'!

Can't wait to see all of our cousins again. Next stop...Idaho. I suppose what will happen is that we'll live life at a fast pace all through July and it will take me until the end of August to catch up again. And folks, I'm trying my hardest to think up a good give away. But I don't really make anything fun to give as a prize. Hmmmm...maybe that should be my give away. You can comment about what you want for a prize and I'll pick the best (er, most affordable). Haha. I'll keep thinking and try to come up with something soon. Because quite frankly I'm feeling like a non-giving blogger.


Adkins Family said...

Such much cousin fun! ;)

NaomiG said...

That all looks like so much fun. :-) Those monk fish freak me out!

kdk said...

That fish wins the ugly prize, and the car-top carriers win the funny prize.