Monday, November 29, 2010

Uncles Make Great Friends

We finished up with a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday and are attempting to rejoin normal life. It's always the best feeling when Daddy comes home from work and we have multiple days of having him home with us to look forward to. Last Wednesday night was no exception. The only downside was that Ezra was laying on the couch lethargic with a 102 fever. Thankfully the fever went down by morning and we were able to head over the river and through the woods for the feast. Of course, I didn't get any pictures. But we still had good food and good fun.
That night we went home to the Tractor's house to spend a couple of nights and days with the grandparents and the two uncles who were home on college break.
And let me tell you, uncles are a lot of fun to small children. Especially uncles who have no children or wives to attend to : )
Grandma bought a gingerbread house kit and let Brett and Jeff put it together with the kids.
This one would eat all the candy, given the opportunity.

This one might too!
And this one just explored all the opportunities on the floor around and under the table.
Good thing we have an engineer (in his final year of schooling) and a pre-med student to handle the finer details of gingerbread housing.

Finished product.
Time to relax and watch some football. How 'bout that Boise State game?
Nora really likes her uncle Heff. She even kind of looks like him. Recently I was looking at a picture of Jeff as a baby and realized how much both Ezra and Nora look like him--those big eyes in a little baby face (not that he has a baby face now, just back then : ) ). She will put her arms out and reach for Uncle Jeff hoping that he'll take her. He usually does...and then she rewards him with this,
Yep, she's biting his nose off--her favorite trick.

These two pictures highlight daddy and his look alike boy.

Grandpa and Grandma bought some beautiful dress clothes for the kiddos and we took them into a studio to have their pictures taken on Saturday. I didn't buy the CD and the rights to the photos, so I can't put them here on my blog--but here is Ezra practicing his smile before we left for the mall.
Now we are left with the memories (in our heads and on MY hips!) of a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

ohhh man I love love love E's slicked hair :D and I really think that in these pics E looks like B and C looks like J haha :) curious to see if Nora would bite my nose, I'll have to pick her up again soon when I'm well!!! ~Cathy

Adkins Family said...

Poor Boise State. :( I have to at least root for Idaho in general despite the rivalry with my alma mater.

The gingerbread house looks like fun! And uncles who have the patience to deal with it with small children. :)