Monday, November 8, 2010


Things around here are progressing. Work on the hutch, wall paper removal, Tadd's age to name a few. Grandpa and Grandma Idaho spent two whole weeks here and with the exception of the weekend at Whidbey Island, they were working most of the time. Grandpa wired in lights to all of our upstairs bedrooms--hurray! Houses built in the 80's didn't have lights in the center of any of the rooms--apparently all the builders had deals with floor and table lamp companies. We prefer lights where we can hit a switch when we walk in the door and have an instantly well-lit room. Now we have just that. Thanks Grandpa Idaho!
Grandpa and Grandma were also kept busy doing things like coloring, painting, reading and bike riding with the kids.

Miss Kine and I made a cake for Daddy's age progression day.

Grandpa Idaho brought his chain saw so they could remove the flowering cherry from our front yard. It is messy and not very pretty and happens to be breaking our driveway into many pieces. Around these parts it can be a big deal to remove a tree. Thankfully most of the neighbors have been supportive and not mad (you never know in the ultimate tree hugger state). Tadd wanted to just cut it down while most people were at work, but his dad convinced him to at least call. The lady at the city said that if it was on our property and it was just one tree we could have at it. We were quite glad we had called as just a few days later we learned of two people a couple cities over who were both fined for cutting down trees on their own property--one was an $8000 fine and one a $6000--yes, you read that correctly.
Grandma spent a lot of time and energy taking apart, sanding and priming the hutch. I'll post more on this particular piece of furniture later. I'm excited about having it done someday soon...I hope : )

We finished up the downstairs bathroom we only have our bedroom/bathroom to go. We think. What a difference a steamer makes.
We had a little celebration on Tadd's birthday with cake and a couple presents. And then the next night Grandpa and Grandma Tractor came over to join the party for a bbq. The two Grandpas and Daddy finished up the lighting project and worked on some other tasks as well.

These pictures about sum up this year of his life--a little crazy and a lot chaotic!

Happy Birthday head of our crazy torn apart house!


Adkins Family said...

Happy belated birthday to Tadd!

Aren't grandparents great??? So glad the Idaho's could be there for so long to help you out.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Great fun to keep up with what's going on in your lives! The kids are growing...Caroline especially...
i miss you all so much......! Glad the house is moving right along. And happy Birthday Tadd!

NaomiG said...

I'd like to know how you got Tadd to smile while removing wallpaper... haha! That all does NOT sound fun, but it's going to be so great when you're done with it all!!

Anonymous said...

pic number 2 is just precious :) so is the one of Caroline helping make a cake!!!!!!! I love all the personality of the kids in the pics with Tadd, LOL!!!!! ~Cathy

Lisa said...

Nora's panda bear pajamas? B has those too! Funny how we both picked out the same ones! Cute kids by the way... :)