Monday, November 22, 2010

Nine Months With Baby Nora

It's been 9 months since Nora Liv first showed us her face and leaped into our hearts. She has quickly established her place in our family and is developing at the speed of lightening these days. Once babies pass the 8 month mark or so, it seems like there are changes every day in development and personality. She's just over 20 pounds and 26 inches long, keeping her the peanut of the family by far. Her hair is starting to fill in and seems to have a real auburn tint to it. I would love if she was a red head!
She adores her siblings and they love her to pieces (and sometimes they love her to the point of injury). And these days she's crawling all over the place, getting into lots of trouble and causing Ezra and Caroline no end of frustration as she messes with elaborate car set ups, Lincoln Log construction and dollies.
Nory Boo knows just where to find the baking cupboard and goes straight for the best mess makers--flour and sugar! She is still learning to eat solid foods. It's been quite the battle. She can't seem to get the hang of swallowing. We've been working on it since just before the 6 month mark and just last week she finally seemed to swallow a little bit more than she spit out. For the first time in three kids I made a whole bunch of homemade baby food and stuck it in the freezer. Yah, anyone need some apricot or sweet potato pureed baby food? : )
She's got 6 chompers and she went through lots of grief to get each and every one of them. She also knows just how to use them--she'll bite your face if you get anywhere near to her.
We do love our little mess maker!


Anonymous said...

wow she really looks like Ezra in these pics... VERY cute pics. so squeezably cute! ~Cath

Adkins Family said...

I'm glad to see that your kids make messes too. :) Nora's growing up so much... I hope I get to meet her soon!