Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekend at Whidbey Island

We have had Grandpa and Grandma Idaho here with us for a little while and about as soon as they got here we packed up and headed to Whidbey Island for the weekend. Tadd's friend at work owns a cabin there and he has let us use it for the weekend a few times now. It is soooo relaxing and wonderful. It's right on Useless Bay (useless because it is not deep enough for big ships). There are lots of bedrooms with bunk beds and toys to entertain the kids. There is a living area filled with windows looking out to the water to entertain the adults. And of course lots of sand and drift wood outside--great for playing, daydreaming and strolling.

Getting to Whidbey Island involves a ferry ride, a big hit with the kids.

There are even two huge tubs of sand toys at the house. Our kids know just where to find them and love to spend time playing in the sand.

Nora loved feeling the wind on her face.
It was not a warm weekend. In fact, the first big storm of the season hit that weekend. The waves rolled in big enough to make us feel like we were at an ocean beach.
Saturday the water was calm and the tide was low, perfect for taking a walk.

Look out for jellyfish!
That evening Grandpa and Grandma taught the kids to play Chutes and Ladders.

Sunday afternoon there were dozens upon dozens of kite boarders taking advantage of the strong winds.

Tadd had to go back Sunday night so that he could make it to work Monday morning. But Grandpa, Grandma, the kids and I stuck it out one more night and left Monday afternoon. What a fun time we had on Whidbey. Thanks, Steve!


Anonymous said...

OH MY, these pics are really AWESOME. esp. pic 6 of Miss C, amazing! And the ones of E and C running/walking holdin hands, precious :) ~Cath

NaomiG said...

Aw.... babies holding hands, how very precious. Looks like an amazing time!

Adkins Family said...

That looks like such a nice relaxing place to go for a weekend. Can we come too? ;)

KLamb said...

Wonderful memories with Grandparents! Looks like you got some projects done too. I can relate to home makeovers. It is worth it in the end!

robyn said...

Love the view from the beaches. Violet asked if the sand was for Ezra and Caroline's feet :) The shots of Miss C running in it is so cute! Oh, to be barefoot in the sand!