Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visit from an old friend, Snack Time and Cookie Baking

We started this week out with a visit from one of my high school girlfriends. She loves to be tortured by our children...and they love to torture her, so we try to make our get-togethers a regular thing : )

Ezra loved having some new reading voices--thanks for all the reading and playing you two did! Miss Aura also brought some beeea-uutiful roses as a hostess gift. We are still enjoying the bright spot they create during these gray days. Thanks for a fun evening Miss Aura and Justin-doctor!

The after-nap time snack plays a very important role in our lives. Caroline is starting to both talk and enjoy eating. She often asks for "csheeeze" which sounds quite similar to "please". Here they are enjoying some bootie, Pirate's bootie, that is--and cheese.

"We eatin' the bootie, momma!"

And finally, today we started the Christmas cookie baking. Shortbread has been sounding good to me. And chocolate is a staple in my life. Why not combine the two and make up a batch of Mrs. Field's chocolate dipped shortbread? Perfect for pre-Thanksgiving snack cravings and also to be put in the freezer for Christmas cookie baskets next month. Ezra enjoyed being my baker and kept saying "This is LOTS of fun, mommy!" Of course, I stopped caring about the mess and also about having perfect looking cookies at that point. All of my cookie cutters were in storage except for a tea party cookie cutter set. Here he is with a freshly cut out tea cup.

The mad cookie cutter!

This is serious business, folks.

I was quite surprised at how well he handled the rolling pin.

The little tea pots, sugar and creamer bowls, spoons and tea cups waiting to bake.

Little Miss Car-kine sipped the traditional accompaniment to cookies (milk) and watched.

The finished product. I know, these are circles and the dough I showed you was a tea set. The tea set was small and thus...browned to the point of almost burning. These circles stayed golden and flaky like good shortbread. The chocolate dip makes them quite decadent.

Enjoying his afternoon project.
One last little segment before I forget. Miss Kine has been imitating words more and more each day. Here current word list includes: car, bird, cheese, dad, mom, ball, please, thank you. I'm sure I'm forgetting some. The please and thank you she has learned to say without prompting at appropriate times--so cute!
As for Ezra, he talks a mile a minute. On Monday I left the room to get Caroline up from her nap. When I returned, Ezra was gone from where I had left him. I said quietly to Caroline "Now where did Ezra go". From the other room a voice yelled "I checkin' my email!"


Megan Miller said...

I want some shortbread cookies! We did some baking here too but I must say after mixing it up with both of the kid's "help", I waited until nap time to bake them off. How does that saying go? Too many cooks in the kitchen eat too much cookie dough. ;) Ezra you look so big. Stop growing this minute!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I love shortbread cookies - the chocolate made my mouth water! And what is Ezra's e-mail = I'll send him some!

Sjo said...

So fun to have them "help" in the kitchen, Ezra looks like he's pretty good at it! Just had to say I love it that mine aren't the only kids that run around in t-shirts and diapers, some days are just too busy for such frivolities around the house. :0P