Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Time In Ala Moana and Waikiki

The pictures are in the opposite order I wanted them to be in, sorry. And I don't have any time to cut and paste as the computer has no charger and each minute could be its last : ) So, here are some pictures and a small explanation at the end. I'll try to post more later about the second part of our trip which we are currently enjoying here in Haleiwa.

The above is what would happen each day in Ala Moana after our time at the beach--two little munchkins crashed out hard! With the time change, they get up early--between 5 & 6 and nap well.

Daddy and Caroline on the beach outside of Duke's where we ate dinner. The best part about Waikiki is the calm water and lit up beach so that we could wade in the surf even after dark.

Dinner at Duke's Canoe Club.

Playing on the beach after dinner. A great pre-bed activity!

Pretty flowers to decorate our hair.

In the water as soon as she hit the beach our first night in Hawaii.

Ezra wasted no time either.

The beauty we enjoyed our first night here.

For the first 3 nights of our trip, Tadd was working out of the BC Honolulu office. That means the kids and I were on our own stuck going to the beach every day. We would have some breakfast and meander out to the Ala Moana state park. It's a great beach for kids since the waves break way off shore and make the beach protected. There were lifeguard to make me feel safe with the kids in the water. Ezra and Caroline loved playing right in the surf with sand/water toys acquired from an ABC store with money grandpa and grandma gave them for just such a purpose. We enjoyed walks on the beach after dark in Waikiki and even some night time wading. Wednesday night Tadd's co-workers took us out to a lovely dinner--which our kids terrorized. Thursday we took one last look at the busy city and hit the road for Haleiwa. What a difference! Waikiki was fun and there was much to enjoy--but we are enjoying the solitude here even more. We'll try to post more later!


Alan said...

This is all rather nauseating. Please refrain from posting any more photos of warm weather and beach activities until further notice.
~Big Al

NaomiG said...

Ooohhh! So pretty! Looks like you guys are having a blast!

Megan Miller said...

It looks so lovely, I can almost taste it. Need to see Caroline's thighs in a will make me feel better about my expanding body.

gourmetgirl said...

I'm sorry you were stuck going to the beach every day...what a drag. ;) Kidding aside, the photos are fabulous and it looks like incredible fun! B.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

It was fun to log on this AM and see the kids in the water - the WARM water. I'd say you are doing it all the right way. Wish I was helping you enjoy it!